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Date: September 27, 2022

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  2. Maybe you're the side piece, maybe she'sactively looking for a new BF. Remember, private not secret! Right now, you're a secret.

  3. Tell him he can act like that when he goes without you but if your around you'd rather he just order his meals and eat them . … Like anyone else at a restaurant.

  4. Ending a relationship over this currently would be silly. She definitely has trust issues that need to be worked out, probably with a professional, but the only way this relationship is totaled is if she straight-up refuses to work on herself.

    OPs in the right. You're allowed to have female friends as a guy without it being a threat to your SO.

  5. Assuming he wrote it so you could find it (I don’t think so) it’s likely more because he doesn’t know how to talk about feelings. He might want ti talk about how to spice it up.

  6. And if/when he doesn't like you, this feature will be worse/ugly again, according to him. A compliment isn't worth anything if it involves putting someone else down imo.

    Your BF shouldn't be commenting on people's appearances in such a negative way, it's bad manners. This girl isn't for his viewing pleasure, she's just living her life. He shouldn't have to be told this lol, pretty immature behavior tbh. It costs nothing to be kind.

    I would feel pretty uneasy about a comment like this, and I would not be ok with it. A respectful partner will build you up without having to tear anyone else down. If he only doesn't think this feature is “gross” because he likes you, that's very conditional. I'd be worried your BF would use it as a putdown if he was unhappy with you. You don't need that kind of negativity or stress.

    I would talk with him and be straight up about how this is unacceptable. Sometimes people are just ignorant about how to behave properly. Teenagers are just learning how to become adults, which is ok. However, if he doesn't shape up, I would personally ship out since I'd find those flimsy compliments not something worth tolerating. Finding someone that loves all of you is so powerful and worth the vetting of poor partners.

  7. It's a defense strategy. I don't fault her.

    You weren't there. I'd give her the benefit of doubt that this guy made her feel uncomfortable/threatened, and that she felt this was the safest course of action at the time, under stress.

    Women are known to do this to defuse aggressive/creepy guys.

    She told you. Unsolicited.

    You want trust? This is how you build it.

    I'm glad you're safe. I'm sorry you were in that position. Is there anything I can do? Do you need to talk about it?

    Trust is giving people the opportunity to hurt us, and hoping they don't.

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