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  1. So where was dad's car while they vacationed at Disney?

    Was it off-limits to this daughter who told him she needed a car?

    He didn't help her and he didn't offer an alternative; instead he took his “new family” on a vacation she never got and left her behind.

  2. I read all your comments where you just basically say over and over again “I Just don't want to get married right now.”

    I have no desire to get married, and I don't have kids, so I don't have any belief system here that you need to be married. But, you are being remarkably selfish. You are fine with this woman carrying your child and being responsible for that life, but your feelings of “I don't wanna” outweigh her feelings of wanting the stability and status (aka her belief system) of being married.

    I can't imagine being in a place where I am happy to have a kid with someone, but unwilling to sign legal paperwork to combine our lives. But, it does make sense because I think you know the child will be her responsibility and you can still have your freedom, and her feelings, stress, and even legal needs don't mean much to you. Says a whole lot about who you are.

  3. By your logic I can kiss other women goodbye but I don't consider it sexual and Im bi so my SO needs to suck it up.

    What a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

  4. We can't give you a thoughtful response without knowing what he did to upset you so bad. Could be you're entirely out of line, but he'd rather be happy than right.

    Could be he has genuine remorse and is trying to make up with you. Gift-giving after a fight is not automatically manipulation; sometimes it's making up.

    The whole being on the verge of tears thing could be manipulation, or maybe he's just an emotional guy. Could be he doesn't handle it well when you withhold affection (which is itself a form of manipulation). Could be he doesn't understand the difference between “you need some alone time to sort your thoughts”, and “OMG! ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH MEEEEEE?!” That's on you to clarify.

    Bottom line: it could be manipulation, but it might not be. There's big pieces of the puzzle missing. I really don't think either of you are ready for a serious relationship. He has a meltdown every time you're off his radar for more than 5 minutes, and your communication skills need A LOT of work if it takes you two days to articulate your thoughts when it comes to everyday disagreements. If it's bigger than everyday stuff, well, you have problems beyond your manipulation of each other.

  5. Yeah, no. There's no joke in this text, lol. You're straight up providing foot pics to a married friend that he's been jerking it to. So yeah, I might stop talking to him and inform his wife.

  6. Well as long as you have your ducks in a row. Divorce brings out the worst in people. I know we all love a Hallmark movie, but in reality she will be humiliated and may lash out. Or give an amicable goodbye, I don't know the lady.

    Prepare for everyone you know finding out shortly thereafter, even people at work. I'm sure you're anticipating for that.

    Get a therapist lined up too.

  7. yeah, it's time to end it. he's not dismissive. he just doesn't care about you and cares more about the aesthetic of your tatas.

  8. This is a partner issue, not a friend issue. He is allowing his friends to be rude, childish, and disrespectful. The fact that these kind of people are his friends would be a red flag for me. He can bring his friends on board and make it clear that you are important to him and should be treated as such. OR. You can tell him to kick rocks.

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