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Date: October 1, 2022

12 thoughts on “Lori Bauer live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. breaks are usually a few days-weeks. 1 year is insane. nah just make it a break up, do you really think he’s gonna be loyal to you during that year? do you really think he’s gonna get back together with you after that year? he’s immature, of course he’s not. and that’s okay, clearly there’s someone better for you. you’ll never lose someone then gain someone worse, it always gets better.

    don’t you see how selfish it is for him to make you wait a year for something that might not even happen?

    in one year he might be like “get over it, that was a year ago move on.” or he might not even change one bit.

    this guy has you wrapped around his finger in the worst way. clearly that’s not healthy.

    you deserve something healthy. you deserve someone who shows up for you and doesn’t have you waiting an entire year for absolutely nothing.

    i mean this as tough love; get a grip. this guy is a nightmare. either go with the friend or stay single, this guys a fuckin loser

  2. That’s what I find so naked to believe. There was only 4 people at the table. One other couple, my girlfriend, and this dude. Lights on and everything, how do you not see who’s been sitting next to you for the last 10 mins

  3. Tell her that she needs to learn to do better before she gets into another relationship, and that the fact that she has unbelievable audacity to hint you need to apologize when her behavior your entire relationship has been selfish, disrespectful and so bizarrely self-centered that you think she should go get evaluated for a personality disorder because healthy people don't treat other people in their life the way she treats you. Then block her and move on.

  4. This whole thing makes me think of a manic episode. No thought to the consequences of actions, wildly out of character, grandiose, in this case borderline illegal… Shit my bipolar mom would do. I highly recommend some form of mental health.

  5. Let them get together. Just remember to move your stuff out and keep evidence of him being the cheater.

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