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  1. He’s so young that my main guess is he got swept up in the romantic idea of marriage and family, but now that the reality is here, he’s scratching his head and wondering if he’ll miss out on an exploratory 20’s. Sorry to say but I’m worried if you stick with him you’ll miss on your timeframe. It’s worth considering if the best investment of your time moving forward is finding someone older who is more compatible with your goals.

  2. If I'm doing activities to the point I think I need to be on a daily regimen of PrPE; I think it would be far easier to make some lifestyle changes.

    This is some moralizing bullshit.

    HIV exists. Therefore we should have medications to combat it.

    People with HIV exist in relationships with HIV- people. They deserve to have medications that can protect them if we can make them.

    It's the same trodden out bullshit as the opposition to “safe injection areas” -> “they should just stop doing it”. But, they aren't so if we can spend a bit of money and mitigate a bunch of bad outcomes you would be a heartless bastard not to.

  3. This 100% happened with two people I went to high school with. Their parents married when they were in high school. It was simultaneously weird and completely expected.

  4. Yeah man sounds like you rebounded with her. You can still like her as a person and not pursue a relationship. I would break it off because it's good for both of you. You don't even have to tell her what you said in this post. Just say you aren't ready for a relationship right now.

  5. True, like negging or something, I thought of that too. Can't imagine someone who wasn't already a misogynist falling for shit like that though.

  6. That's complete lunacy. In no way is that appropriate.

    Did you ever probe her on why she thought it would be appropriate to even ask such a thing?

  7. It does sound really exhausting. His family coming and going as they please would bother me too. It sounds like you need more space, respect and support. He gets support from his family. It doesn't sound like things are changing, the situation suits them well and they aren't caring that it doesn't suit you.

  8. Drive. I fly all the time so for me it’s nothing. Even wild turbulence doesn’t bother me anymore. However I have been on flights where small bumps brought grown men and women to tears because they are genuinely scared. That’s just fine. If he’s afraid, work around it and find another way to travel instead of fighting about it. Just because you think his fear is stupid doesn’t mean it is.

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