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  1. When I was a child my mom used to beat my dad and as my siblings and I got older she became abusive to us too. I couldn’t make one mistake or she would pull my hair, slam me into the wall, punch me and strangle me. It got to the point that she broke my brothers nose by punching him in the face. Get away from her before she causes horrible damage to your kids!

  2. Crazy thing is that for my last relationship. The compromise was moving to Washington. I applied for jobs and never heard back. My ex broke up with me and forgot all about my applications. So moving here was my saving grace. But to compromise on living in a city with promise or to stay here in a relationship that’s dead…ugh the fates have it out for me

  3. Not necessarily. They can give the other person a chance to understand that you're not messing around, this is serious AF.

  4. Great news: you and she have the opportunity to sit down and talk about expecations for the future. Why doesn't she earn enough money to afford the purses she wants? That is my first reaction. I don't like her attitude that if her gf has a new bf who buys her expensive stuff that she thinks you have to step up instead of saying to herself to get motivated and may your own green.

    Have the financial discussion. Own a home? rent? save for children?

  5. I’m giving him the best years of my life. I was told (by men) that men value youth, purity, looks and cooperation. I’m already giving him all of this + I have a fertility clock that will slowly decline as I age. Women do not have time to waste. If I don’t get married now it will be harder as I age.

    I give him company, sex, support, and I even do SOME wifely duties without his full commitment. I have no legal rights to any of his stuff. We laugh and joke and play like friends

    Not sure what else there is to bring to a table. I’m not giving a man money who won’t even give me a proper commitment

    Todays society is totally against women. That’s why our society is crumbling… we have so many broken homes because men don’t want to be providers and women don’t want to be nurturers . And if they do, they can’t because of our economy.

    There’s absolutely nothing better I can do but be a good wife and mother & if that’s not good enough then oh well. It’s good enough for me

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