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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. It's just wild to me rhar you'd say she has a lack of motivation and no career hustle when she's legit driving 2 hours to hustle up a month's income in one weekend.

    It's not like she decided to do this after you got together and you're concerned about a personality shift. You knew who she was when you fell in love with her, and she's remained that woman. If you're this embarrassed of who she's always been, that's on you. You either deal with it or let her be with someone who isn't a judgemental Captain Saveaho.

  2. Thank you I had no idea it effected you that long , honestly I think that in itself is our problem. Everything feels hollow. For both of us. And honestly I'm not exactly sure what it was I was just told fake Adderall, I've never done anything like this as my mother was a drug addict and died when I was young and my dad was an alcoholic and I swore I'd never let myself do that to my kids. It never really reached a point that we were going broke or anything. Originally once a year we would take extacy ,send the kids off an have an “us night ” and have adult time and just stay up all night and talk . But then this year we couldn't find any and someone suggested these Adderall things and we gave it a try for the first time about 6 months ago. About 4 months after that we were both having a pretty naked time mentally and we said we needed to reconnect and have an us night and we invited a friend over and he brought those and we did them again. The next month my husband asked if we could get some because we were gunna have a pretty hectic next few days . And then it turned into once every couple weeks and pretty quickly it turned into this last time where it was a few days bender. And I just. I saw that road and it terrified me. I don't want to do that. And it's only been a week or so since then so I'll definitely just put some more effort in to show him love and just try to stick it out . I know we're both on the same page on no more drugs he has a lot more of an addictive personality than I do and he struggled with a cocaine addiction prior to he and I being together. I'm hoping I stopped us before it reached that level. After how I've felt with and without it I have no want for it again. Thank you for the education on it though because the more I think of the side effects the more it correlates with what you said it could be and I'm absolutely horrified with myself , they were pills I didn't know it came in pills.

  3. Would You Rather is literally a game where a person proposes two unappealing options.

    “Would you rather become suddenly blind, or deaf?”

    “Would you rather be covered in a swarm of angry online bees, or box Mike Tyson in his prime in a match you can't tap out of?”

    “Would you rather lick a toilet seat or a restroom doorknob?”

    It wasn't an insult. And when she was surprised by his choice (because she assumed he'd hate Taylor more than Harry) she made a lighthearted observation that he would be surrounded by women there. Saying “you would be surrounded by women” is only an insult if there's something wrong with being around women at a venue.

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