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  1. Well yeah a lot of men are scared of rejection and hit on women they assume they have better odds of getting. Pretty common.

  2. “Hot” is subjective and while it does suck your bf doesn't find you hot, it's a fair thing to say that people's subjective opinion on what makes a person “hot” or not (at face value) is okay. He likely finds you attractive on other levels, aside from physical. But if you want to be physically attractive to him, then you would need to appeal to his subjective opinion, no real way around that. Don't mean to be rude, just trying to be objective.

    Have you considered getting in shape? You're still young and your metabolism should be in good order. Probably the best time for you, biologically speaking. Getting in shape is more than just working out, nutrition plays a huge role, if not the most impactful, in getting shape. Not only will it make you physically hotter in his eyes, but also better for your long term health as well.

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