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Date: September 25, 2022

11 thoughts on “Lunahunt online sex chats for YOU!

  1. I mean the example you used does not warrant lashing out of him. Of course he would not literally drug your sister.

    Are you in therapy? It sounds like you need to work on these triggers since it's little things that sets you off. I'm not sure if you're bringing healthiness to this relationship so I don't think compatibility matters because you're right in that he probably feels like he's walking on eggshells.

    I think you gotta work on yourself before getting into something serious

  2. I mean he told you to your face that he didn’t marry you for you, and he doesn’t love you for who you are. He thought you would make a good mother. He wanted a nanny he didn’t have to pay, that he could have sex with.

    You deserve so much more.

  3. He's 32 and still prioritising his mommy over you? This isn't going to change. You have to decide if you can live with that.

  4. That is the most pathetic excuse ever. What really happened is he chose someone else and that didn't work out and now he's trying to slide into your dms. Block him

  5. $300k for a DOWN PAYMENT? I know prices got crazy but who is paying $300,000 for just a down payment? Am I missing something here?

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