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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. You should probably say “hey one night i decided to stay awake and lay still and you then you told me i was shaking the bed, you might need to see a doctor because thats concerning” because well. You managed to test the theory and somethings wrong whether hes lying or has an issue

  2. Came here to say that last bit.

    He's an adult. I totally get hangry, that's no reason to treat a partner like garbage. He needs to eat his snack then if he's going to be such a massive baby about it.

    5 months dating and OP is already anxious and dealing with this bs. No thanks

  3. Abusers escalate. They test you to see what you’ll tolerate and then keep becoming worse / escalating the intensity of their abusive behavior. It’ll take some time, likely, but it’ll get worse. He has to want to change. Clearly he doesn’t.

  4. Stay in your ground. She needs to understand that you have your own life and your own activities and you're not “free”, you have an schedule to do those things on your own

  5. Sounds like she just wanted you to listen and let her vent. Sometimes people aren't looking for solutions or problem solving, they just want their partner to listen to them.

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