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11 thoughts on “madonnaaaalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. You need a dildo and/or a vibrator honey. This kid must me amazing in every other aspect of you can put up with someone you have zero sexual chemistry with. Why even stay in the relationship?

  2. This is just untrue. I don’t know why you insist on weighing in when you’re pulling everything out of your ass.

  3. His actions were completely unacceptable and, frankly, seemed quite purposeful. Many, many people do not want their plate to be a communal source of food at a meal. He knows how you feel. It wasn't a mystery to him. He prepared the meal and could easily have made a plate for himself at the same time. He intentionally did not.

    Turning over your food in a temper was ridiculous and immature. What is he? 10?

    Let him go eat food from someone else's plate. Ew.

  4. He got sex toys for this 21 year old woman….very strange. Sex toys are usually gifted between partners or close friends, not for your partner's friend lol

  5. your wife sounds like a real bitch…. dont feel bad, cancel the flight. tell the mom her low class daughter can pay for her trips that youre done being abused and will no longer stand for them abusing your mother. send them BOTH on their way and get divorce papers started… you deserve better.

  6. Great response to a difficult situation OP. But you seem to have a good head on your shoulders so I'm betting on you guys getting through this okay. You should seriously consider getting a restraining order on Mary though. If she's already escalated this to your family and friends there's no telling who she's going to go to next. I'd have a lawyer write up a cease and desist and send it to her and if she doesn't stop press charges for defamation. I don't think you have enough solid proof for sexual assault but you definitely do for defamation.

    I'm wishing you and your wife all the best dude!

  7. You will think about this whole thread in even just a year and go “oh honey” at your own self. And that’s okay. You live!, you learn.

  8. Are men just constantly longing for more, or do they just think women are? I’ve seen this thought process so many times and it’s never from a woman

  9. i'm not obsessed with him. i've dated two other guys since our relationship ended. one was 6 months long and the other was almost 2 years long. the only one obsessed with him is my sister who was following around after him for so long

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