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  1. Its 2022 you need to be willing to ask him out.

    As for how to pass along the info in a way he would understand. A lot of touching I guess. Or if he says something funny comment god your cute. That kind of thing.

  2. I've been there too, tiny company run by husband and wife as MD and HR. Us few minions got paid badly and treated worse but at the time I needed the job.

  3. I think sex deprivation is grounds for divorce but since you stated that is not an option, of you really love your husband its not fair to deprive him of that.

  4. First off, did you ever video chat? I want to rule out a catfish situation. Secondly, the trick is finding someone else and being vulnerable with them. The thing that makes her special is that you were able to show yourself and not get rejected, there are others who would do the same, but only if you show them. I'm not saying to be reckless with your heart, just look for someone deserving and someone willing to show you their true self.

    Its always hard at first, but a day will come where you struggle to remember her name. Good luck.

  5. Eh, she kind of also offloaded the guilt for no other reason than to let OP deal with it. Doesn’t seem that commendable to me.

  6. Oh my. So you gave her permission to get some d and she took you up on it and now you feel like you aren’t enough. Is that correct? I’m going to get graphic. What about strap ons? Can you take permission back? Tried this it but it’s harder than you had anticipated. Because I think that’s fair. I have to think she’s meeting a deeper or different need than sex. Sex can be fixed. What about couples therapy? Would she be willing to do this for your family? I really feel for you. It seems like it’s time for some very deep honesty and hopefully a commitment to find a situation that you both can live with.

  7. Um no the friend wanted free shots and said give him your number. Did you not read the part where every 20 min they were going up. Just send one of the 2 guys with them if there was an issue. Whats the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If he hit on you and 6 take the hint the 1st time, why go back every 20 min and not tell anyone.

  8. You are seriously insecure and controlling. Your gf told you that she felt pressured to give her number. Guys who keep pressuring girls for their numbers have been known to get more volatile.

    What you should have done is been understanding, like a supportive bf should have been when his gf has been hounded for her phone number at a club. Instead, you blame her and go around saying she was borderline cheating with you. She obviously didn't want to, she told you about it soon after, not weeks after, and didn't carry on some sort of malicious intent conversation with this dude for weeks. She told you she felt ashamed and you go on thinking “my girl almost cheated” the fuck are you on?

    I hope she sees how controlling your actions are and takes a good long look at yalls relationship.

  9. You could try seeing sex therapists or just try therapy (together or separately). It could be possible that maybe if you both had some time apart, like if you did errands on your own or she went out with friends without you, that maybe it would make room for her to miss the intimacy in that way.

    I remember hearing that an old friends friend, she had a baby recently at the time. She mentioned there is constant physical touch and just tiredness from being with another person Physically for such long periods of time. This would make her not want to be touched at all by her partner and she needed space when she could get it.

    Perhaps it’s similar here? Maybe since she’s never alone, she never gets to really recharge herself. If you’re a good partner as you say, then I assume you do chores and give her non sexual intimacy. So maybe it’s a similar feeling that she has gotten “all of her limit” in the days. This is aside from work, because we still interact with people at work.

    Last is that our bodies change over time. There will be periods of when a person has been more in the mood versus not. I hear sometimes like someone’s early 30’s are the horniest they’ve been, or maybe they lost interest in it etc. You can also try seeing how long it may take in this way but I fear the resentment that would build, it’s more of a gamble in this way.

    Cheers and good luck with everything, but as others have said, some people just don’t find sex as important to them as others too. There’s a reason why so many couples end their relationship because of lack of sex too. So maybe you can try some options and see how it goes

  10. He sounds immature in the way that he takes you being upset as a personal affront, an annoyance to be swept away asap. I’ve been with people like this, it’s emotionally exhausting to not be able to express any negative emotions lest you be met with anger. I know it can be easy to forget this when you aren’t fighting, but you deserve better.

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