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  1. Watch children behave. You'll understand what I mean.

    I've buried family members who overdosed. I online with recovering alcoholics. I lived through their bullshit.

    They behaved like children. No accountability. No control. Unable to take responsibility.

    I'm sure no one in your life will develop this problem.

    Enjoy your fun and best wishes for maintaining your inner child.

  2. Are you blind bro, literally right before that it said the guy was drunk and had made misogynistic comments which caused the argument to start, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, when he brought her personal history into the argument and made it into an insult towards her he crossed the line

  3. If your relationship is weak at this time and you’re omitting details to your wife it does seem a bit sus. I can’t say if it’s emotional cheating or not, but your wife has a good point. If you were honest about it and took a risk from the get go it wouldn’t seem as suspicious.

    If you’re texting her everyday but struggling to feel close to your wife, there is something going on there in my opinion. Your true motivations are sometimes sneaky it’s all about the subconscious and all that. Have you guys considered couples counseling?

    On the other hand! You are also right! You should not have to cut this woman out completely. It is not truly a full blown emotional affair from the way you’ve described it and having friends outside of your marriage is so important. I think the bigger issue here is you not being honest in general. I think you might be emotionally dependent on the connection but if there’s no physical attraction then it’s platonic, if that makes sense.

    There is the potential to compromise here, both parties have to feel validated. Good luck to you guys.

  4. Right? As I was reading this I was like… even though OP is trying to paint it as if the fiance was in the wrong at first, it still read to me like Sarah was the one already excluding her before this blow-up even started. It reads like OP is a weakling who needs to stand up for his poor wife, who's had to deal with loads and continuous emotional and psychological terror and abuse for years now. Including not being invited to HER OWN PRE-WEDDING AFTERPARTY. And the groom was fine with it?!! Why is he a groom?! Why did OP withhold this information? Gosh I hope the fiance opens her eyes and leaves him, he's been a shit partner for years.

  5. The shouting is bad but the screaming, punching things and threatening to kill himself (which is what happened last night) is very frightening.

    What do you do? You leave before he escalates. You can’t fix him; he has to take that step by himself, and he’s shown that he doesn’t want to.

  6. Get therapy and a hobby. Find things to do that don't involve her at all. Do things you found fun before her. Spend time alone. Force yourself if you have to.

  7. If they're NOT having an affair, then your husband IS SEXUALLY HARASSING AN EMPLOYEE. It's well past time to get real clear and have a come to Jesus moment with your husband: you DON”T trust him, he is acting untrustworthy and if he's incapable of rectifying his behavior on his own, then you NEED TO SEE THE TEXT MESSAGES, if not to discover an affair, TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM A SEXUAL HARASSMENT DISASTER. Take decisive action NOW

  8. You are more than enough. Sometimes we just someone else to wave their hands in front of our faces to help clear the fog.

    Do not let him destroy your personhood.

  9. This is a logistical consideration – one you haven't even discussed. It's worrying that you're paying any attention to your mom's suggestion that it's anything other than a logistical consideration, especially since you haven't talked about it with the one other person who matters in the situation.

    If you're not able to have a conversation instead of jumping to unjustified conclusions based on wrong assumptions, you shouldn't be dating at all.

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