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Date: September 23, 2022

13 thoughts on “marcimaalive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. yup, why would he swear at you and speak to you that way? has he done that before? you deserve better and at the very least need to let him know you won't be in a relationship where you are spoken to like that. I feel like once people cross that line with you it's very easy for them to do it again since they know you won't do anything about it…

  2. Sorry to hear this OP.

    I fear the worst on your behalf – my guess is that this is (so far) probably a bit of an emotional affair rather than a physical one, but either way, your husband not talking to you is not ok.

    Wishing you the best my friend.

  3. Yeah, that's something I have considered as well and it really is only fair. I just feel like I'm being a dick but it's actually just reasonable. Thank you.

  4. You told her you can accept this decision = you accept years of sexless dating until marriage.

    It’s only confusing if you keep humouring it.

  5. I bet it’s worse than that. You know those girls in college that kept girls around that aren’t quite as good looking as them. Stealing any guy that looks at the other girls. Never letting the other girls have their own moment due to jealousy. Best friend was flirting with dude the entire time i bet, then set him up. Only to drop the bomb eight years later but not showing all the messages. This poor woman. Without context of all the messages, I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt given how manipulative these kinds of women are. Who intentionally keeps a text message from 2014 to show in 2022? A vile, manipulative creature, that’s who. I bet if OP looks at the relationship with the friend she’ll realize it was never a friendship at all and that friend was just a user.

  6. If he was on something the first time that would explain him being weird the second time. I can't stand wishy-washy people. I would lose his number.

  7. First of all, I did marry her as an act of service. I knew when I was doing it that I would probably regret it but the alternative option of letting her lose her kids when I could have helped felt worse. What do you suppose my motivation was?

    As for the opiates, no. When she was diagnosed with this rare disease the medical staff gave her a drug screen without her knowledge, which is borderline unethical, but they can claim it was for the patients best interest. Anyway she showed up positive for opiates, despite the fact that she was not currently prescribed any medication. So because of that they have flagged her as having an opiate addiction and now no doctor will ever prescribe her pain medication. Hence why she feels the need to obtain it through her Dad.

    I am not a drug dealer and the girl that I mentioned in the original post, I said that we went to high school together so how could she be 10+ years my junior?

    I am not perfect, but you missed on several points there.

  8. Ngl she is incredibly clumsy and careless, but I’m patient and just kinda sigh and scoot away a little. She apologizes profusely sometimes and I try to be understanding but at this point it’s like…cmon now…you gotta know how gangly you are by now lol idk maybe I’m too forgiving but there’s much worse that could happen than a little bow to the side…almost every day…?

  9. You and your bf are not sexually compatible. If you care for each other you'll break up because neither of you is what will make the other happy and you will resent each other.

    I just wish I didn’t feel so lonely or sad whenever sex is brought up or when I see it discussed on social media

    Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life?

  10. Look, your first point is great, but how am I “turning down” valuable men? They are not even coming my way.

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