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7 thoughts on “Mariana live sex chats for YOU!

  1. She's untrustworthy and being disrespectful to you.

    Its one thing to look but the lying to you about it is unacceptable.

    I'd be long gone.

  2. I trust my wife 100%, and I know she never had the intention of hurting me, let alone will ever cheat on me.

    I really really struggle during the time she is at work or at company events. I am catching myself checking her phone more than in the past (something that we were casually doing since the beginning of our relationship, she also checks my messages sometimes just to see whats going on), asking her whom she had lunch with and stuff like that.

    Which is it? You trust her 100% or you struggle when she is at work (multiple hours on multiple days a week) or company events, because you think she is cheating on you?

    She is not responsible for the actions, behaviours, or choices of others. She is responsible for her own actions and behaviours, which in this case includes shutting down the flirtatious comments etc.

  3. Agreed. I dont claim to be an expert in mental illness, but I do know there are all different kinds that result in all kinds of different behavior.

    To claim “I'm mentally ill and act this one way so there's no other type of way a mentally ill person can act” is absurd.

  4. You obviously left out some important details like the part where you were so drunk that Brock had to help you out of your muddy clothes, wash you down in the shower, before thoroughly eating you out and then finally giving you some of his dry clothes to wear. No wonder your bf is upset.

  5. You’re dating an unemployed guy who won’t go anywhere long distance? This can’t be your best option.

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