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  1. Oh OP I am so sorry this happened to you.

    Your body is clearly telling you to run from this guy (the vomitting). I think you should listen to that and start dating someone who wants the same things as you.

    Things with this guy will only get worse if you stay. Trust me on that.

  2. I think that your solution is perfect. He plans and cooks the meals for the week and stays within the budget. Let him do that for a while so he can learn to appreciate the effort that goes into preparing meals for another person every single day.

  3. Get a recording of either ‘The Death March’ or The Streak’ and put one of them on loudly as soon as they start up. ‘Here comes the Bride’ might also work. It’ll certainly put him off his lick ! Good luck. ❤️

  4. That's a good point! I didn't want to make a huge post, but basically it's been a gradual thing over time. And as I mentioned, she's tried to get better in the past. The tiping point for me is that her health is getting to the point we're it's seriously impacting her.

    I know the “fixing” will be gradual, it's not magic not will it be perfect or work all the time. I'm just struggling on how to get her to want to get started without it turning into a disastrous fight.

    Hope that makes some sense. Thanks!

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