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  1. Talk to your girlfriend and be sincere. I can't tell how she'll react but she knows you best and will know if you are apologizing genuinely and maybe you will sort this out someday.

  2. Do not stop taking antidepressants. If you have concerns about them talk to your doctor. Do not adjust your medication on your own. It will lead to very negative and very severe side effects that will be worse than any kind of depression or weight gain.

    So your boyfriend said you’re getting a little plump. So what? Would you prefer he didn’t say anything at all until it really became a problem? At least he’s being honest with you. Although may be a bit insensitive. The chances are he’s not saying it to be mean he’s probably saying it out of concern and he Just lacks a bit of tactfulness. But take it to heart and do something about it before it becomes a problem. Weight gain is a known side effects of anti-depressants.

    Maybe he’s coming across as a bit of an ass. But address it with him as a concern and work towards a resolution where it’s something you both can work on together. Tackle problems as a team instead of as adversaries. Because in the scheme of things this really isn’t a big issue but if you can learn how to handle issues together, it’ll help you in the future with things that really are problems.

  3. I'm 34 and even the friends I have that are only interested in hookups don't want all the issues that come from being with people who are still generally figuring out what they want. They want someone to show up for a good time maybe hang out and enjoy common interests then leave.

  4. She literally got up and went to the couch, so she left the argument. He, however, followed her and stood over her while yelling at her, even though she was no longer responding.

    He should have dropped the argument when she left the room.

  5. Save screenshots then leave her immediately and when someone questions you tell them what has happened and you can even show them her chats.

  6. Your boyfriend is manipulative. He’s trying to turn you into his domestic servant (maid, cook, etc.) rather than being a supportive partner. Then when you bring it up, he tries everything he can to keep you doing all the work. This is why people should on-line together before they get married. You’re seeing who he really is right now, believe him and make your next moves accordingly because it’s only going to get worse.

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