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  1. Wow. You're ruining your relationship so that you can save up to buy a house but refuse to just rent an apartment? This is not going to end well at this rate.

    I second the other commenter. You need to go on a getaway. Spend a week at some hotsprings or fly out somewhere warm for a couple days.

  2. He actively asked other people to not tell her and he deceive her. That is the issue.

    That's not what he did, while conversing with his friend the friend was the one that told him not to tell.

    He didnt lie, he just didnt say probably because he thought it wasnt needed (and he got reassured by his friend that he was making the right choice), and the moment the OP voiced that she would want to know about topics like these he told her right away.

  3. Holy shit. Is this even legal??? Surely this is an arrest able defense? Surely you should screen shot the texts and send them to yourself then consult police and lawyers??? Hiw arw women allowed to get away with this?

  4. I didn't read that wall of text, but if you are gay you are being really shitty if you stay with him. It can't work long term and both of you will be miserable.

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