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  1. I’d you don’t understand why body counts are harmful and rooted in misogyny, I doubt my explaining it to you will do much. Grow up.

  2. She’s clearly not as “liberal” as she thought she was. Honestly if she can’t accept the person you are and is so ashamed of you, why date her.

  3. The only thing you really need to understand is she's done. Looks like your time away from home got to her.

  4. You didn't listen to your wife to begin with when she told you she was not likely to want to have children (10-20% is hovering on that not likely to want kids) and just assumed she would change her mind bc that's just the expectation people have about women.

    And that's really unfortunate that you didn't listen to her and didn't take that seriously, to begin with, and entered into marriage understanding that there was a probability you would not have kids. Because now you're constantly making her cry in addition to basically betraying her.

    Ultimately it is the woman's decision whether or not to have kids because it's the woman's body that has to change and accommodate a baby, and if she ultimately says it's not likely then you need to listen to that and be okay with it. And this is what men need to understand when it comes to having children. If there is ever a doubt that your (f) partner wants children, then make sure you're okay with not having them.

    At the very least, stop bringing it up and making her cry. She did nothing wrong. She didn't change her mind. She was clear from the start and you entered into the marriage knowing she did not likely want children. And at the age of 35, it only gets more difficult for women and their bodies. So she's probably more at a 1-5% at this point.

    So you can either get over it, since you should have listened in the first place, or you can choose to throw away what you have with your life for the possibility of maybe finding a partner that would want to have children with you. But stop guilting her over this. You're the one who is wrong here.

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