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  1. This is part of the problem with the world today. Everything is at our fingertips. Models, porn, and other people. All just a click away.

    I’ll be the bad guy and say most of us have red flags in one form or another. Some have a significant impact on our partners. Others are more issues someone doesn’t want to deal with.

    My point to this is, our culture encourages this stuff. It’s making it acceptable. The lines are being blurred. It’s going to take a very frank conversation with him about how you feel and what it is you want and need from him. It’s going to take a conversation about values in a relationship and why they are important.

    I don’t know either of you. Just based in your post, I don’t think it’s not because he isn’t attracted to you or anything. I think it’s just the culture now and it’s something he needs to realize and get away from.

  2. Update: she messaged me that she can’t stop thinking about it. I think it was more than a drunken hookup. I asked her about Greg. She said that it’s not serious between them, and that she’s already told him she’s looking for something else. She does feel kind of awkward about the whole thing between the 3 of us. I didn’t wanna push or make any demands about anything (it’s also over text). But when she said she’s looking for something else and that it’s not serious between them, I can’t tell if that’s an opportunity for me to be that something else or not.

    I think I’ll talk to her more about it in Jan. and see what happens. Anyone been in a similar circumstance? Is it possible she said the “something else” business as a signal to me, or would she have said I’m that something else?

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  4. So, to recap:

    Your husband has a high libido, and isn't satisfied where things are. Your husband refuses therapy for dumb reasons. Your husband wants to sleep with someone else, and sees this as a “human connection” with no emotions, even though you satisfy him in other ways. Your husband refuses toy use.

    Basically, he wants to have sex on the side, and wants you to okay it.

    Have you ever talked to your doctor about your libido? I don't know what you consider low, and he considers high, but is there a point you can meet in the middle?

    Did you always have a low libido? Did he marry you knowing this? Has it changed? Has sex changed for you or him, or both of you?

    I don't know why divorce is off the table, and why you say you both believe in working things out, because he's not working anything out. He's refusing therapy. He wants to introduce other people, and possibly STIs, pregnancy, etc.

    So my advice – you go to the doctor. See if there is a medical reason for your low libido, or if by definition, it's even low. You get counseling on your own if he won't go. You need to be strong to get through this.

    I wish you the best.

  5. Because your dad 100% is correct and literally nothing justifies shooting cops. What a stupid thing for your boyfriend to say. Just because there have been very rare and isolated examples of cops going too far does not remotely justify a comment, “I can understand why he did that”. Like really? The reason is the guy is a failure, loser, blamed other people for his problems, then he went and shot up a bunch of cops. You and your boyfriend online in this black and white social media world where 0.001% are bad apples but they receive 99.999% of social media/news attention.

  6. Oh him continuing to talk to this snake at any point in the future would be enough for me to consider divorce. This woman is obviously playing a game with him, and he has REPEATEDLY lied to you about her. Time to finally put your foot down, OP. He is having an emotional affair… it’s her or you.

  7. Hope so! Like I said, it might’ve been out of paranoia since in my perspective, I would love to date someone who knows or tries to learn my native language since it’s a deep personal connection. I’m happy to hear that it isn’t anything more.

  8. Yeh, usually heart attacks come from smoking, fatty diet, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc…

  9. Did you typo your age by any chance? Your chores sound like you're a four-year-old who's getting to help mommy, not a 24-year-old who should be perfectly capable to having a full-time chores and caring for themselves without a maid/mommy to do most of the work. Why is she doing the cooking as well when you were literally a line cook before downgrading?

  10. The question is… why is she doing this?

    From your account she sounds generally regretful, so let’s assume she is. Either she’s not ready for commitment, or she is really bad at setting boundaries. If the former, it’s possible she was into it, but still didn’t want to hurt you. If the latter, she just needs some help, and up to you to decide if you’re willing to invest (even further) in helping her there.

    There’s also the scenario that she’s not actually regretful, and is taking advantage of you.

    Nobody here can tell you which it is. You guys just need to talk about it. But breaking up with her, either because she’s not ready, or not respectful, or just not honest, is totally reasonable.

  11. I relate to this a lot! Before I became more self aware and understood his habits, his busy body tendencies were received as passive aggressive hints that I wasn’t doing enough around the house. Totally an internal insecurity twisting reality. He just likes to clean at the start of the day and I like to clean at the end of the day.

  12. Who's taking care of you Honey?

    He should be your partner, not your burden.

    How is he lifting you up? How is he supporting you?

    You deserve a soft life full of love and a partner who contributes meaningfully to that. You are worthy.

    A good therapist can help you get to the root of why you would stay with someone who treats you this way. His love shouldn't cost you so much.

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