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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. I mean you’re not to your final career yet either, you’re in grad school. Why don’t you trial run living together for a week and see if you even like it? And if you do find some place to split that’s within both of your budgets.

  2. There is everything wrong with what your sister did. Do not ever let her have alone time with your daughter again, especially no *paid* babysitting.

    Better keep your parents away from your daughter without parental supervision, too.

    Also, how great of a bond can your daughter have with her aunt who she spends time with once every two months, quite a bit of it asleep?

  3. So I just gotta ask, we all know what a relationship is. There are ups and downs. It can range from a major up and down to a minor up and down. A relationship works by working through the downs. Why is it this sites go to response to leave? It's never work on it. There are couples on here who work through some low lows and don't find the need to air all their shit out there. Why do you have destroy relationships? I believe it's up to OP whether she can work through this or not and not yours to break up the relationship. I swear the reasons get dumber and dumber as to why these couples should break up lol.

    It's easy when it isn't your relationship huh?

  4. You clearly didn't speak to attorney with this plan. Folks, if you're going to invest in a property with a non-spouse (hell, or even a spouse) consider what happens when your relationship ends. And.. how is “Buy a house” the next level? You can't pop the question but you can buy a house? Yea. You kinda FUBAR'd this. Fixing this? Admit you screwed up but.. I dunno man. Anything you do for “the next level” she may think 'she forced you'. Good luck. If there's a next-gf, don't do this twice.

  5. I’m only a year older than OP. We are both adults, so why are you acting as though she isn’t as well? And “badgering”? I’m commenting on the post and comment OP made, sue me.

  6. Yes! Let her wear it!!! As my dad says, “A baboon always shows his ass.” You don’t need to say or do anything.

  7. Don’t depend on this guy. If you’re desperate to buy a house so you can start living then DO IT! You don’t need some massive home, you just need roots and a place to plan. It doesn’t seem like he’s taking it seriously bc he had no skin in this game

  8. Her comment had nothing to do with intent to cheat. He hurt her self-esteem, she wanted to point out what he can was missing.

  9. Oh, possibly! Although he did make it sound like he was really into me and wanted me to give him a chance. I suppose he wouldn’t have missed his horse winning to still meet me if he wasn’t.

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