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Model from: co

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Birth Date: 2003-01-09

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityLatino

Hair color: hairColorColorful

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: September 23, 2022

7 thoughts on “MennaLeelive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. No, you don't trust her. You simply considering staying with her despiye the fact she is flirting with other men and probably getting boned by them. It's your life tho, suffer as much as you please.

  2. You haven’t given a single good reason that you suspect him of cheating and yet you’ve accused him of it multiple times? And you expect him to just be okay with you constantly accusing him of cheating? You’re crazy insecure unless you’re leaving stuff out of this story. He didn’t admit to anything. He said the thing about fucking her before because YOU KEEP SAYING THAT. This relationship seems over whether or not they’ve slept together. You don’t trust him. And just based off of this post, have you considered it’s your behavior that’s pushing your friend away, not that she’s sleeping with your boyfriend?

  3. Ohhh if this isn't a gigantic red flag I don't know what it is. He probably got hooked up on the forced nature of those videos and now is unable to enjoy anything consensual especially since you are the one initiating. I would be stepping back at least for now, and if you don't, at least be very careful. I can see this heading to you going out without him dressed sexy, and coming back home and him trying to force you to have sex and telling you “isn't this what you wanted” while ignoring if you say no…sorry for my mind going there, i may be completely biased by past experiences.

  4. Do you want to be with someone who lies to you?

    Do you want to invest your time and feelings with someone who is deceitful?

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  5. Tell him to keep it to himself. Question: does he paint? Speak many languages? Does he have hobbies or talent that he shares that you could criticize? If no, tell him double shut up.

    What does he think he accomplishes when he does this?

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