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Date: October 19, 2022

11 thoughts on “Mia-gomex on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Hey man. I know how this is better than I’d like to admit. The only way to handle this is to made the commitment to yourself that you’re going to stick with your plan and not give in. She will try everything to manipulate you. You have to expect that and keep the promise to yourself that you’re not going back. Disconnect from your need to be a caretaker for her. You got this. Just don’t ever go back. It will be hard, but you have to show up for yourself and let go of her.

  2. You broke up with the guy because of his shitty behavior and here he is showing you more shitty behavior. He should be bending over backwards to please you but instead he's making demands? WTF?

  3. Hi, I appreciate your insights. However, right now, I have a duo project for my university assignment with her. So i can't avoid meeting her because I need to conduct the project with her 🙁

    What do you think I should do?

  4. Well you're young enough to want to explore other relationships- there could be someone else better suited for you out there for sure. But really, you also need to know exactly what is forgivable and what is not, not getting a cute meme is – frankly, immature and unrealistic and just not something you should throw away a relationship over, but I also understand theater's other things you need too. But I'm just going to say out loud now you need to know that no one is perfect- more than likely every person you date will have a flaw in one area or another where they aren't “perfect” for you. Don't throw away good things either over stupid things.

  5. So no advice but a different perspective. My husband (dated for 6y, married for ~1y) cuts his own hair and HATES when I’m even in the room. He doesn’t like when I’m watching (or not watching but only in the same room) him get ready to go anywhere other than work. It’s weird but everyone has their weird things!

    It seems like that’s his “guy time” or whatever. I think you just need to respect his boundaries.

  6. The fact that she was SO GOOD at it would lead one to believe it could have happened multiple times. Skills like that are developed.

  7. Well. Your mom isn't 100% wrong. One doesn't instantly become mature at 18 just because they are legally an adult. But, parents have to start slacking off on the umbilical cord at some point.

    But be gentle with her. You mom is the one person who will stand with you forever. Don't burn bridges if you can avoid it. Still, you have to online your life.

  8. I really think you should file a divorce and move on with your life. I know this is a painful and difficult decision but living with someone who have lied to you for the past four years and had two kids who aren't yours, it's an insult to your face. The pastor is just trying to save his nephew and make you forgive him just to save face and salvage his nephew's name. I felt so bad to the kids because they'll think that you're leaving them but I know that they'll understand when the time comes.

    Get out of that situation and save your own dignity and mental health.

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