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Date: September 28, 2022

9 thoughts on “MiaAndWilliam on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Block and ghost him.

    Best case scenario is you escaping him 10 years because you can't take the physical and emotional abuse anymore. You're 30 looking like you're 50, asking yourself how an out of state relationship messed up your life this much. And he leaves you for the latest person he's cheating on you with, but you and he knows that he's coming back so you can't move on. Either by yourself or with someone else. “No other man around his kids bs.”

    Worst case scenario is murder suicide.

    I know I'm assuming a lot, but it's because abusive relationships are so boringly predictable. It just feels intense and inescapable when you're in it.

    You're out of state and he's not even your real bf yet. Block him and ghost him.

  2. This seems controlling but he did make a promise. But ultimately, you can only set boundaries for yourself. “This makes me uncomfortable” is a statement and the boundary would be that you'll leave if he continues.

    The issue is, your insecurities bleeding into his social media use. If he were contacting them that's one thing but he's not. He's simply following her (the playing games thing can be tricky). Your feelings certainly matter just as much as his, but I'm not a fan of “she's too pretty/he's too very hot unfollow them” kinds of dynamics, which this seems to be.

    Basically neither of you seem all that mature, and you're certainly not mature enough for date at the moment. He seems too defensive about this (understandably but still) and your insecurities seem to be a bit too much at the moment.

  3. Ah yes, the old 'i'm not gay' post. Don't worry about labels bro, at minimum you're bi. All that really matters is that you enjoyed it. Talk to him about it

  4. She played with fire and let it get the best of her. Any responsible adult knows right from wrong and knows where to draw the line.

    I don't know about your relationship beyond this, like how much you have invested so I can't really suggest anything to you.

    Personally, it would be a done deal for me because I would've lost all trust in her but that's me.

    No matter what you decide, exercise patience and calmness in yourself. Don't let the situation get the best of you where you do something you regret.

    Good luck

  5. I have a therapy appointment on Friday so I will definitely bring this up with her.

    We did do premarital counselling a couple months ago and there was a conflict resolution worksheet she gave us that you go through whenever you have a conflict. We tried it with a conflict and found it VERY helpful. There were no tears and we logically went through our conflict and came up with solutions. Unfortunately last night, I completely forgot this sheet even existed. If we had used it, I'm sure the conversation would have gone much better.

  6. “Y'all want to let EX make the first move. I want to get after her ass and make life miserable for her. Just my opinion and my style.”

    This style is going to be genuenly horrible for this situation, since it is not only going to fail, but is going to cost in court expenses and make the EX's case stronger. Talking to a laeyrr should be the first move, not going all out on the hostility, it would no do any good to anyone.

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