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  1. As a man take my advice. This isnt even worth trying to work out. Ive seen plenty of stories of men who get so invested into games they ignore their wives and children and get upset when they are asked to do the simplist of chores. Op, you can do so much better. Its not worth trying to work things out with a loser who gaslights you into thinking you did something wrong when he was being a big man child. Leave and dont look back. Find someone who actually appreciates you.

  2. Don't pursue someone who is in a relationship. It's down to them to leave it out with your actions. If you get together because of emotional or physical cheating that will always be how your relationship starts.

  3. Kids are better off having divorced parents than having two parents in the house with a disfumctional relationship.

  4. Get off the internet man. I get like you. Read too many stories and then you're just all twisted up inside.

    We see the worse or rather the most “entertaining ” here. A good portion of it is creative writing, too.

  5. Dead bedroom for 8 months out of two years? And she cheated on you? There is someone better for you out there

  6. So honestly I think both of you kind of suck in this case. Guy isn't willing to say something as simple as “I really like you too and would like to see where this goes” and you turn around and give him some convoluted relationship remix instead of just saying what you know is true, which is that you guys aren't on the same page and shouldn't continue dating. I think calling it toxic behavior is going a little far but I do honestly think it's kind of manipulative to levy this whole spiel on him instead of just breaking up.

  7. Your husband may have autism and adhd, but that doesn’t excuse him being a massive asshole. I have autism and adhd, too, but I don’t treat my husband like this. You are being abused.

  8. The guy could’ve had a weapon and you wanted your bf to put himself at risk to fight this person? Side EYE. You were in your car. He came outside to be with you. He asked the right questions.

  9. If she really wants to try again, you two shouldn't try to rekindle by moving back in together. You need to date each other, take your time, and see if you can get resolve the problems you had in the past. Having a significant difference in religion is one of those things. It's been a relationship ender for me… twice (I was the non-religious one).

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