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Date: September 30, 2022

11 thoughts on “Michellangels online sex chats for YOU!

  1. OP, I'm sorry for what you were going through. I will not try to add on to all the advice you're getting here. But I'm going to say this and I hope it makes you feel a little bit better. I live in Florida and if he thinks he's going to be happily ever after here he's got another think coming. This place is a fucking cesspool compared to Vancouver Canada.

  2. She did need a ride. It’s true. I’m sorry this happened to you bro. But trust me. I KNOW it’s awful however it’s a good thing you found what she is like now rather than further down the line with god forbid kids and so on

  3. you: a crazy man tried to kill his father, his mother and me also you: the family is too stupid and never learned their lesson and they think he’s normal you again: we know he’s not normal and a danger but are considering possibly meeting with him?

    no you idiot. stay away from and attempted murderer. it’s not rocket science. you typed all that out when the answer is “no he almost killed your father and me, we won’t be seeing him again”

  4. Not sure how “BIL admitting he wears underwear” is more embarrassing than “BF convinced I'm cheating on him” but you do you.

  5. In a previous comment , I stated that he is in therapy for his severe codependency, he does this a lot with everyone he feels close to, including his own mom. You are right he does not have control over his own emotions. he definately does not know how to mood regulate at all and those around him suffer for it. He has had a habit though of even acting in extremes with casual people. Sometimes I suspect that he has undiagnosed borderline personality disorder. Due to a lot of his symptoms being highly similar.

  6. Unfortunately you just have to push past the awkwardness, there’s no magic involved. Would you rather be awkward for an hour or have a dead bedroom for the rest of your life? For me awkward wins.

    You say that you still have date nights, plan a date night with the expectation of ending up having sex. Tell him, we are going to dinner and drinks (or whatever you normally do on a date) and when we get home we are fucking, making love, having sexy time (whatever term you prefer for sex).

    Be more spontaneous, when you are cuddling, spooning often leads to forking in my household.

    If spontaneity doesn’t work, schedule times for sex, it might seem like a chore at first but you guys need a different routine to become comfortable in.

  7. My moms been a therapist longer than I’ve been alive and she’s never had a personal relationship with a client. She’s had kids reach out as adults and she’s said hi but never continued the conversation or had a friendship with them.

    That also just sounds very sketchy

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