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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. That lowkey kinda funny im sorry. She hopefully should be willing to put the dog in training to get used to other people. Or you show him your the alpha and put him in his place.

  2. There is a dramatic lifestyle change. Firstly my parents never said anything to me when it comes to clothes, i can wear almost everything but in his house i am suppose to wear what his mom wears but okay I'll manage that i mean i can sacrifice this much. and he never said anything on not studying after marriage, he supports me in this matter, he is also making some calls for my admission even i was able to do graduation because he was there and supported me. But there is alot of patriarchy in his family like men are superior than women, and in my house my father always tells my mother and me to never stop and earn for his family men are earning in millions every month so they think there is no need for women to go out and work. Thats why he always pushes me to do business, he doesn't like the idea to work dor someone else as an employee. But keeping that in my mind my father is no saint. He is very strict when it comes to money and education. My father is the biggest reason for my fucked up childhood. Plus i am suppose to cook for their family three or two times a day. When will i be able to study and work. Plus i believe he always listens to his mother which is not a bad thing but my opinions should matter and big point my parents are not happy and i don't want my parents to be sad on my wedding day but i also don't want him to be sad too. I am stuck.

  3. I saw in a previous comment of yours that you mentioned your wife blocks anyone she's played or talked with whom she learns is under the age of 18.

    I sincerely hope you start doing the same. It seemed you only very briefly and offhandedly touched on the incredibly creepy nature of your behavior in all this. A grown adult nearing 30 having a 3 year “friendship” with a teenage girl he met live when she was 15 is beyond inappropriate.

    Good luck.

  4. Or he could do what my ex did and send me a doctored copy via email to proclaim his innocence. A “false positive” indeed.

  5. I have the answer: he is cheating on you. He is projecting that on you. I am 44 years old, and I can tell you, this is what I have learned. Please take care of your littles and yourselves, this is a huge ? ? ?

  6. You are not a therapist and jesus christ, you are 40 years old and still under the assumption that you can “fix” someone?

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