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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Tell the truth. Actually I didn’t invite A because he doesn’t seem to like me. I just want to enjoy the trip without any extra stress.

  2. A vagina is a muscular tube that connects to a cervix and uterus. An inside out penile shaft is not a vagina, neither is a segment of grafted colon. Nobody takes random muscle that cannot pump blood or have a heartbeat, sews it together to look kinda like a heart, and pretends it does the same thing a heart does. A vagina has a function and a purpose, that purpose is not to provide a male with a hole to put his penis inside. It is an organ, a body part that cannot be recreated or manufactured by a surgeon. Bottom surgery doesn't create a vagina. Vaginas are able to stretch and self lubricate. Neovaginas do not look, smell, or taste like a vagina does, they carry bacteria and grow hair that vaginas don't, they have to be dilated or the body will try to close up the wound, unlike a vagina. The only thing they have in common is that they can accommodate a penis. So can a sock.

  3. He crossed your boundary so that was bad on him but at the same time good luck trying to prevent a 20 year old man from watching porn.

  4. Well, I dated this guy who became an alcoholic, and one day his company’s Christmas party came around.

    I could not go, because I was starting a new job and my first day was the next morning and I didn’t want to mess it up.

    At 2 am in the morning, I got a phone call from him where he explained he was drunk, didn’t know where he was, and needed help.

    I eventually found him at a train station, 50 miles away, so I loaded his drunk ass in the car and headed home. By that point, it was 5am and time to get ready for work. I was so exhausted I wanted to cry, and I knew I was screwed, showing up sleep deprived at my first day of a new job? A job I specifically took to try and build a better life for the both of us?

    He was in bed, warm and comfortable, snoozing like a baby. Meanwhile, he mentioned he said something at his job’s Christmas party that he was sure he was in trouble for, but couldn’t remember.

    Basically, he was likely to lose his job for being a scary threatening drunken fool. I was likely to lose my job for trying to help him.

    He was a drunk, and I could see how he was willing to destroy both of our lives for his habit, and worse than that— despite this mistake, he would probably happily drink again if given the chance. So we could end up homeless and he literally learned nothing.

    So I went off to my new job, and after work, I packed my things and immediately moved out.

    Because when you have a relationship with an alcoholic, you just go down with the ship. That is all there is. Get out instead of hoping it is going to be any different, your boyfriend is an alcoholic and dating an alcoholic is total misery.

  5. Did all of this seriously come completely out of the blue? Or were there some indicators along the way that maybe he's a bit of a sexist pig? It's just naked for me to see how takes you 9 years to learn your partner's a misogynist, UNLESS they're extremely good at hiding that part of themselves, which most misogynists aren't.

  6. While I agree that the lying is unacceptable, and cheating does feel like the most likely scenario, some people are genuinely just conflict averse. I used to be like this and ended up creating way more problems. Out of fear and anxiety for how people would react to things I would avoid bringing things up and create a self fulfilling prophecy.

    It could be “my ex and I both wanted to take the kids on similar trips so we banded together to save money and give the kids some both parents time. I was afraid you would assume I was cheating or think it was weird, so I hid it from you until I could think of a good way to bring it up. I never did and now it 100% looks weird and like I’m cheating”

    But now the lying and lack of trust is the issue for sure. Even on the off chance it was innocent I wouldn’t feel good moving forward with that relationship

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