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  1. Lol. It's sooo individual.

    My brother KNEW his wife, who he met off of Plenty of Fish, for a combined total of 24 hours in person over a 4 week timeframe, before they decided to get engaged and move in together.

    There is no right or wrong answer. Only what works for you as a couple.

  2. Ok,well I do think you should have said bye, just to let him know you're leaving. But again, when he noticed you were gone he didn't worry or try to check on you. That says a lot.

  3. Your feelings are understandable, but in relationships, value is measured in more than money. Value comes from humor, love, kindness, intelligence, effort, respect… And it sounds like you've got lots of that to share.

    You can turn this around. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that your bf is with you precisely because of those things that he values – so why are you holding yourself up to some imaginary standard that even he wouldn't? Love yourself! You have so much to give!

  4. That's not how it works legally. She's in a tough legal situation but she likely owes child support

  5. (You asked for guy responses, but I’m a girl btw)

    Ok but that’s not cheating! He’s “punishing”/not trusting you for your sexual history, when it’s not even relevant. The problem is HIM.

    Your relationship cannot be “perfect” if he’s always accusing you of cheating, tracking your location, insulting your character. This is not healthy or normal behavior, friend.

    My vote is break up with him. How long have you been dating? A year? Two or three? LONGER? And he just straight up doesn’t trust you at all after that amount of time?? The problem isn’t you – it’s HIM.

    A relationship should have trust and respect and he is sorely lacking in both here.

  6. Yes. You tell your boyfriend.

    Doesn't sound like cheating since you pulled away. Problematic that you did not enforce an immediate boundary.

  7. I’m just so TIRED of it becoming something bigger because of me telling him he took it. It always does without fail it’s like he wants to argue about it and make me feel insane. I can’t leave I just want it to end and I want to confront him about it without it being an argument. He never admits to it.

  8. If you are in a relationship you have to put boundaries around it. That means no flirting, no texting with guys from the disco. She did not do that even when you called it out.

    Her libido may have changed because “new love” does that…the thrill of a new person.

    I agree with your breakiing up with her because she didn't protect your relationship, she hid stuff from you, she wants her cake (that guy) and to eat it to (the life with you), and now that she is caught she doesn't want to give up her life and isn't considering how you feel.

  9. I think she’s giving you ultimatums and being unfairly controlling. and you just can’t have a healthy long term relationships built on ultimatums and lack of trust. I’m generally a big spokesperson for not blaming the victim, but IMO in this case, she is making YOU pay for the injustice another person did to her in another relationship, and I think you’re being reasonable in stating your boundaries. Having been in your place in a previous relationship, I don’t see this going forward even through you do care about her and want this to work.

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