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  1. Lol so you get invited to an event, somewhere in the 60-150 dollar range depending on the sport and seats. (Possibly more)

    Being asked out, “Hey would you like to come with me to X game this weekend?” If he replaced X with steak and wine dinner, there is no difference. It was clearly an invitation to a date. And we don't know what he said when inviting her so maybe he did explicitly state “would you go out on a date with me to the X game this weekend?”

    That isn't a date because you have to pick him up?

    I have a feeling she might thinks you are just friends and you maybe didn’t really have someone to hang out with for the game? And because it was your birthday she picks you up and treats you in food and drinks?

    I really wished we had this information, but even then, you would force someone to spend over 200 dollars on you for a date regardless is pretty shitty of you. Tickets, all the food, parking, drinks heck the 200 might be low-balling it. Yeah this is why I know so many guys that strictly reserves coffee dates for girls because they use guys as meal tickets. Because you are saying no matter what, you wouldn't ever pay for any aspect of a date.

    She’s like 10 years younger than me and less old fashioned probably so this might be way off, but for me I would be really surprised if I heard this was supposed to be a date afterwards

    Why wouldn't you be surprised. You basically are saying If the guy doesn't spend more than 200 dollars on you, it isn't a date.

  2. Why are you in a relationship with someone in another country? Wondering what he is doing and with whom is futile. What are your future plans with him? Are you going to be in different countries for another three years? If you can’t be together, find someone local. You are missing out on the best part of a relationship, physical touch, hanging out, etc. You are too young to be giving all that up for a LDR.

  3. It sounds a bit like you are projecting you not being able to stop on him. It’s ok to worry, talk to him about it.

  4. Not at all haha. Living together means incoming bills, home repair, furniture (as stupid as it sounds), dealing with providers or landlords, sharing space together (so not just your dorm, it’ll be both of your spaces), financial discussions, arguments, chores etc. There’s a reason why 40-50% break up after living together, you see a side of someone you never fully get to see.

    I thought after renting a house for a month i’d see my “true” partner, but even that wasn’t enough. Once you’re like half a year to a year in, that’s when the adrenaline and excitement calms down and “regular” life starts.

    But it’s a good start! I don’t want to be a debbie downer lol, I know how excited you must be to start life with your partner.

  5. Open relationships almost never work and you intentionally left out your intentions of the whole date.

    You know if you texted him “Hey we’re going to her house and might end up having sex.” he would have objected so you’d rather throw a snippet of a hint and ask for forgiveness later because “U KnOw HoW i Am aLrEaDy!”

    Sorry but this one is on you.

  6. Ugh. When we talk about it he makes it seem like I’m the unreasonable one and good luck finding a guy that ISN’T like this. And I’d he isn’t he’s lying

  7. Just leave.

    She is using her diagnosis as a crutch.

    If you continue with the relationship, your mental health will suffer.

  8. DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN WITH HIM. I cannot stress this enough. Guard your birth control or get something that cannot be tampered with.

  9. Get an employment attorney for your job. This could also be intimidation of a witness/obstruction. I would suggest you let the detective know as well.

  10. best case scenario, he met you 2 months ago and is so crazy about you he searched all social media and saved all the photos of you that you posted so he can look at them all the time. I would be creeped the fuck out by this, for the record.

    If this isnt what he's done, he's been stalking (or at least cyber stalking) you for a very long time, way before you met him. This would be run away screaming level creeped out.

    Neither option seems good to me. I'm struggling to find any way to not be very disturbed by this folder of photos.

  11. If I get downvoted idc. I’m 32, with children and though I love my husband if I were in your shoes I’d want someone to tell me it like it is. You clearly are not in it 100% because you know you’re so young and have so much to experience in life and make something of yourself. You don’t have to be someone’s wife and that’s all to it. You can be so much more and when the time is right, years down the line you can add wife and mother to the list of awesome things you will be.

    If you don’t want to marry him, just because you two are together don’t. Because you WILL regret it. You have to want it 100%.

    I hope you get the strength to make the right choice OP. Good luck!

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