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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Honestly, you need to stay out of it. It's uncomfortable but this is his problem, not yours. There's no excuse for meddling in someone's marriage. Like you pointed out: He's 40. Not a child.

  2. Let me rephrase. Have you asked if everything is OK with her? Don't make it about the relationship or how feel right now. Let her know you've noticed she's been distant and you want to check in on her, if that makes sense? That should answer your question, in my opinion.

  3. Dude, her body. She’s going through hell and back for your baby. It’s NOT about YOU. Read up on pregnancy a lot. Educate yourself. It’s her stress. Whatever she feels comfortable with.

  4. I wonder if he's ever even worked in a restaurant. It's a brutally very hot business, physically and financially, and not a great job to have when you have small child(ren)

  5. Whether my feelings are fair or not doesn't matter, it's something I'm personally dealing with in a relationship, so yeah it's a relationship problem. Costs $0 to be kind to your brothers and say “hey man I honestly think this is a get over it or move on problem”. You keyboard warriors are the worst

  6. Me too. One of the few things I can say I’ve done right in my life was that I have never yelled, screamed, cussed at, demeaned, insulted, guilted, hit, or abused my kids in any way. I’ve never had therapy (though I know it would’ve benefited me greatly and encourage it for anyone) but from the moment I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, I vowed that no matter how difficult things ever got, I would never take it out on my kids or ever try to make them feel afraid or less than. And twenty years later, I can say I always stuck to that.

    The crazy thing is that it really wasn’t that very hot, because I love my kids and I just can’t imagine treating someone you love like that. But it has really made me wonder how much I was actually loved growing up.

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