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  1. Im just so confused. Did he not explicitly say he was gonna by it himself? Like did he… expect her not to buy it after he said he was going too, than didnt? How much time passed? What if he was concerned about them both buying the watch? What if neither of them get the watch and bystander effect this? Seems like a dumb problem that simply better communication could solve. Did he explicity say he wants this as a “gift to himself from himself” or a “gift to himself”

  2. I can understand why you lied to her about talking to somebody about it. She probably would have flipped out in the same type of way if you were honest about telling somebody. It probably would have been for the best if you were just honest with her about it though because now she will just use the fact that you talked with somebody and lied about it against you, probably repeatedly.

    Based on everything you've written, I don't think the relationship has much of a future. You've put forth a lot of effort trying to work on the relationship as far as communication and counseling goes, but having to on-line under a constant threat of the marriage being over is not a life people should have to on-line.

    Honestly, if it were me, I would probably move on. You are still young and would be able to find someone who would actually treat you with respect. I'm not sure there's any path to getting her to understand why you lied about talking to somebody else about it. I don't think it's really fair she would expect you to keep it bottled up inside for the sake of a marriage that she seems to be looking for a way out of.

  3. How is the way she just acted towards you and someone she deems as beneath her treating everyone with respect? Please open your eyes

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