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  1. True but with ENM its much bigger risk. Doing it while mono requires deceit. Doing it while poly just requires a bullshit excuse that you forgot or it was the spur of the moment.

  2. Yeah, it does go beyond on him not saying it. I just expected more effort in our special day. We’re 20 & 21, and hitting a 5 year mark is a huge milestone in my opinion. So I just wish it was more effort put in instead of him just saying “ya ig” “idk” or “if you want” when I was trying to come up with a game plan for our day. I feel like this situation just made me really question if I’m just wasting my time on someone. It’s our anniversary, it isn’t just some other regular day where putting low effort wouldn’t bother me too much.

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  4. Honestly, as upsetting as this is. I would just pause and not say or do anything you’ll regret.

    A lot could have gone wrong – and you don’t know where he is – you know where his phone is. He could have it on do not disturb and may not have even known it was ringing. His friends could have put it on. He could be drunk and passed out and is sleeping it off. He could have been in an accident.

    I hear you that you feel embarrassed but things happen and it’s how we respond to them that will determine what happens next.

  5. I have no idea. Originally he was happy with the idea, because we’d be traveling during valentines, but now he’s adamant that I don’t go

  6. It could be true if they had an agreement, but they don’t, he could owe the taxes or they could… it defaults to them, but there are so many scenarios they could have planned out, but didn’t because they didn’t have any sort of agreement from the onset and they are in Germany.. you are arguing over nothing

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