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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. “I feel like if he had the option to pick between the two of us, he wouldn’t pick me.” Those are your insecurities taking. They don’t belong to him. In fact, he chose you out of so many more options and choices. The girl that winked at him in the coffee shop. His best friends cousin who had a crush on him. And so many others. But again , he chose you. Are you looking for drama and conflict? Are you trying to manufacture conflict and manipulate us and/or him into telling you how wrong you are? Your job is to figure why you think you shouldn’t have been chosen.

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  3. Dear god save yourself and your kid from this man and his shitty relationship practices.

    Over six years he’s broken up with you and then clawed you back how many times?

    He’s 30 years old. If he doesn’t know what he wants out of life or relationships that’s fine, for him, but it’s time he stops making it you and your kid’s problem.

    What’s going to happen in two years after he realizes he’s 32 and hasn’t done what he wants in life? He’s going to break up with you and leave you and your kid high and dry while he goes out doing whatever he wants because in 8 months he knows he can text you and you’ll drop everything for him.

    This type of relationship is going to do numbers on your kid and their perception of relationships as they grow up and start to understand what is going on. They’re going to constantly expect their partners to just up and leave and that it’s okay because “they’ll come back.” They’ll allow themselves to get treated this way because they’ll think it’s normal and acceptable.

    You want a life together with him.

    He wants a life where you are immediately available for him when he needs it and gone when he doesn’t.

    Do not continue to date this man and definitely don’t continue getting back with him just for him to break up with you and repeat the cycle.

  4. People who are saying it's wrong to interfere are the ones who have cheated upon their partners in the past and are worried that such a trend will have them discovered at some point too.

  5. If everyone on this sub could understand that relationships are not about controlling another person, most of these posts would not exist. You either love someone for who they are and how they do things or decide if you really should even stay.

  6. Your mother is crazy, this isn't normal, go major into something with a good pay i.e accounting or engineering, and get out of that crazy house.

  7. It's not encouraging, but sometimes ” love you” or something similar becomes an automatic way to end a call. I've had customers accidentally say it to me and we have a chuckle over it.

    But when a prior romantic relationship is involved it makes sense to pay attention and see if there are other reasons to be concerned.

  8. Good thing you kept those comments in your pocket….sounds like he is projecting. He is setting you up to take the blame when you find out that he has been cheating, or at the very least, in an emotional affair and thinking about about possible options.

    If you have a gut feeling to do your research, follow it.

  9. You are rite to have a bit of concern about finding a life partner…far too often woman wait until 30 to think about settling down but you have to factor in the time ot takes to get to know a person to see if they are even a good choice to get married to..and it only takes a couple bad apples that end up wasting time on until 40 starts approaching you. So no you haven't left too late, but this is the time for you to date someone who truly had the intent to be married otherwise you'll be wasting your time.

  10. She didn't “talk back” (again, read the OP!) — she challenged her bf on his perfectly normal ask to return his socks to the way they had been.

  11. How does your SO greet you?

    My ex used to make me feel this way, where I started to feel that if I was there or not he could care less. I being an idiot put up with it but no one should have to put up with this. This is not how you treat your partner, this is nothing to do with different love languages or anything like that cuz you should never make your partner feel like you could care less if they were there with you or not. You should always make your partner feel like you want them by you.

  12. this has divorce written all over it. She needs to grow up. Shes married and almost 30. Why does she still want to hit the clubs?

  13. my boyfriend once asked me in his sleep “are you still gonna be pooping the bed when you’re old?” i replied that i didn’t poop and the bed and he went “oh cmon be honest”

  14. My Mom married an alcoholic and it ruined our relationship, and it fucked me and my Sister up. Don’t marry him.

  15. Having on rose colored glasses makes it naked to see, but that should stop everything right there. Leave him he's a giant red flag!

  16. Easy answer is that he wanted you to be his mom and he preformed what he needed too to get you to marry him. And now can't be bothered.

    Other options are he is depressed. Addicted to games,

    Also his behaviour is a type of abuse or using you. Is another way of putting it.

    It doesn't sound like you need counselling or marriage therapy It sounds like he isn't worth your time and effort. The four failed marriages are serious red flags in this instance.

    He has made it clear that your not important to him. Kick him out. Your not a online in maid.

  17. He's not a healthy person. You do not need to be in a relationship with him right now.

    And honestly, it sounds like you're already breaking up if you haven't talked in a week.

  18. This is what gets my goad! “I don't want these feeling” “I didn't know what I was doing” wah wah wah bullshit! Acting like he couldn't control himself and doesn't know why this is happening to him. Hes so transparent!

  19. Yeah I guess you’re right. We‘re already doing that but I figured we possibly have a different amount of time needed for me time. Indifferent from the time we enjoy together

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