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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. She seems highly insecure and it's clearly affecting your mental outlook. Perhaps addressing this with her and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, couples counselling. Good luck and all the best!

  2. “cop abuse isn't a thing in the US”

    You know 40% of cops are domestic abusers, most are admittedly racist, and a large percentage have Antisocial Personality Disorder?

    You're talking to someone who was sexually assaulted by a cop in broad daylight dude.

  3. I've already discussed it with her. She doesn't do anything about it. She just said she's sorry about not telling me and never thought I would meet him.

    I wouldn't say she's dismissive, she knows it hurt me and it upsets her that she upset me. She regrets it I guess.

    There's nothing more she can do at this point, besides not repeating this mistake. She understands and apologized. So far she's done the best she can.

    Just doesn't make what she did better. Maybe I can't let that initial betrayal go?

    Ball's in your court. Based off everything, IMO, I'd get over it at his point. You still feeling betrayed by this a year later points to insecurity on your end, maybe do some self reflecting on why you still feel this way, maybe speak with a therapist.

    Her brother isn't her. Her brother is still a problem and should be confronted. I stand by my first point in my original comment for that issue.

  4. Isn’t the whole mission statement of polyamory to not play these types of games and be withholding like this? I think you know where you stand with her.

  5. Hi hon I think you at least owe it to her to hear her side. I don't know your friend group but there's always 2 sides to a break up. At the moment you are only hearing one and I don't know Carl but at the moment he is very much “controlling the narrative” and you are not verifying these “facts”.

    I'm also dubious that he's casually dropping all these facts bad mouthing your friend despite what I assume is an agreement between them not talk about the reasons for the breakup.

    He may be painting a fair picture but I'd double check with the gf first.

    I'd say the fact he's just come out may be much more of a factor in the break up than he's making out also. Could be wrong though!

    Of course it could all be completely fair and you won't change your mind but I think you at least owe it to her to let her know what he's saying behind her back (even if it is all truth). That way you get more of a whole pic and she is not left wondering why the whole friend group has turned on her seemingly out of nowhere. Something about this smells a bit off.

    Hope it all works out for you all.

  6. YOU didn't fuck up, he left you there alone, didn't keep in contact unless you initiated, and whilst he was drinking with his mates you were stood in a line waiting for someone that wasn't coming back. He owes you an apology not the other way round

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