massaging my tight asshole with lots of lub [Multi Goal]

Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. I have good friends, but they haven't given good dating advice. It's either “ask more girls out” or getting a dating app. I won't ask a girl out unless I know she's interested, and to date that's never happened. And dating apps are kinda rigged against men, especially less than stellar looking ones

  2. And it’s not like not “letting” your partner hang out with a friend is going to stop someone from cheating. If they’re going to cheat they’re going to cheat.

    If they’re not going to cheat, why are they not allowed to have friendships with people because of their gender?

    So weird to me.

    But admittedly when I was younger I would’ve been super insecure about my partners spending time with other women. Age and experience have taught me that a good partner will be a good partner regardless of what’s in their friends pants and a bad partner will be a bad partner.

  3. You say he didnt cheat and she was in her third trimester when you started dating but if the baby didnt turn 1 until october.. the math aint adding up i fear

  4. I cringed reading this. He’s not “self improving” he’s just going around flirting and having sex because he wants to. I don’t mean this in an insulting way but I feel bad for you.

  5. Its just an hour once a year to make your parents happy. I'm not catholic myself; I dont like mass but I'd go if it mattered to someone I love.

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  7. If you’re worried about getting pregnant id strongly recommend the morning after pill (assuming you’re still within 72 hours of having unprotected sex).

  8. So this is financial abuse. No idea why you're defending him. You sound like this: “This sandwich is not all bad! Aside from the big, stinky shit in the middle, the rest is great!”

  9. Many of us are trained to do so from childhood. We're raised by mothers who are in this role and trained to always keep our father's mood at the top of our priorities. Then we transfer that to our husband. It can take a lot to recognize what's going on and even longer to decide we deserve more. And then it takes all kinds of courage to actually do something about it.

  10. Ooof, sounds like he's a full-on white supremacist who also has a racist fetish. (I'm particularly concerned by the comments on wanting to colonize your country on top of the racist mockery and stereotyping.) I think your instincts are right that something deeper is going on here. I'd gtfo.

    (For cultural context, I'm a white American woman.)

  11. I agree with most of what you said, but she really shouldn't meet the friends without the husband. That would really be awful to her relationship. If they do it, it should be together.

  12. I mean it should not be his problem but he should maybe care because it’s his wife and he loves her…

  13. If you keep thinking low unhappy thoughts you make them happen. You are what you focus on.

    Start being determined to be your best self. Stop worrying about history that you can’t change. If her history is a deal breaker then end it. If not, then her past it.

    Your problem is you. Why aren’t you determined to be better, learn and grow?

  14. Tell him and block her. I ended a friendship with someone who was having an affair with a married man. If I knew who he was I’d have told his wife.

    Cheaters are not good people and you don’t need them in your life.

  15. We live! in an apartment that doesn’t have locks on the rooms, so I can’t even lock my room from her,

    You can easily install temporary locks.

  16. Some STIs don't show symptoms right away, maybe she got one recently and decided to get tested, or maybe she just wants to make sure everything's fine before starting your sexual relationship, which, in my opinion, is what everyone should do when they start seeing a new partner, most people don't even remember they can just ask for a test to be done let alone remember to do one before starting their sexual relationship with a new partner, if this is the case, then you should be happy and appreciate it since she's making sure everything is okay for you two.

    If it really bothers you, you can just ask her why she's taking it.

  17. Drop him off at the pound (I’m not talking about the dog!!!)

    Sounds like you would be happier on your own. Kick the bum out (and his bitey dog).

  18. Bro sounds a bit immature and the repeated name calling is a abusive but in the grand scheme of things it's debatable if these things are deal breakers. They can all be resolved with proper communication. Consider couples counseling to discuss ways to convey your feelings without him feeling defensive.

  19. No, it's not. your feelings are valid.

    I've been married over 20 years, and the amount of times I've had to get into the bathroom when the spouse is in there is less than 50. Even then, it's a knock and wait – only once was it barge in. that was to vomit.

    Your wife is manipulating you. threats of self harm because of her own behaviour being called out isn't cool.

    you can try to have a calm discussion – find out WHY she keeps doing it. married so young means you didn't really know each other properly

  20. I have nowhere to go, no place to live and no job. I’m essentially stuck. I know in the back of my head I need to leave, I just don’t know how.

  21. Agree with all of this, also, I can easily imagine giving a numb, checked-out “go for it” with the obvious unspoken understanding that it would be near sociopathic to even consider still wanting to go for it after seeing how much the idea devastated OP!

  22. Your husband and your friend are old enough to know that their actions have consequences. They are sleeping together and want you to be all smiles about it??? I really think you should revaluate your relationship with these people. Like, they respect your opinion but that proposal was absurd from the beginning.

  23. You don’t owe him anything. Not even the mourning of his death. Just keep to yourself and if your family says anything or asks how you are, just say fine.

  24. He’s not meeting your needs on many levels, and it’s not going to get better with age. Obviously he’s being very selfish.

    What does he contribute to the relationship? If it’s anything other than roommate stuff, you’re now in the roommate zone? There’s only one way out of that, you need to move on to a more advantageous, outgoing and sexually active with you person.

  25. If I were you I would say this:. “stop asking me. Every time you ask the answer will now be no. Instead, make me cum with oral or sex. Then I will reciprocate every time!”.

  26. Oh I'm not I can't even look at her as a woman I used to love. She's just the mother to my kids and that's it

  27. Get a drug store pregnancy test. She can pee on a stick at home. And buy some condoms.

    Break up and block her. If she ends up being pregnant get a paternity test.

  28. It must be very lonely to be married to such a cruel and single-minded.

    I think you deserve much more in life. You sound caring, compassionate, thoughtful, and generous. You aren’t speaking ill of him although his actions towards you would warrant it.

    Really, life without a partner is much more rewarding and fulfilling than running yourself into the ground to maaaaaaybe please this childish man for a little while.

    When is enough enough? Personally I would tell my friend or relative in this situation to move on if she could. You’re still pretty young but even if you didn’t remarry, can you imagine your life like this for the next 50 years? Miserable.

  29. So the best option – leave.

    Tell her she is abusive, and that you deserve better than how she behaved. That the relationship is over.

  30. Both of those options are better than an ultimatum. yes.telling her he is thinking about leaving due to the lack of sex is not the same as saying sex or I leave. he is telling her his feeling and allows her to make her own choice.

  31. Please talk to her.

    “Hey babe, I’ve noticed since you started birth control that it has affected your mood and libido. I’m really worried about you. Have you felt a difference or change?” If she agrees things are different “have you talked to your doctor about other options? Non hormonal birth control pills? Or an iud? Or if you’d prefer, we can just go back to only condoms? Or even a diaphragm? I want to work through this with you. Let’s look at solutions together if you want.”

    It’s not rude to point out that you’ve noticed changes. Maybe stay clear of the weight discussion. There is already enough to focus on that you’re concerned about. And then perhaps once she gets her mood and energy levels under control with a change in BC you can start suggesting going for romantic walks as a regular thing. Get fitter together and enjoy each others company.

  32. No. Dating doesn’t mean you drop everything to be with them constantly. It’s the trial period to see if you can fit into each others lives. Unfortunately, you seem to be doing a lot that would convince him that you’re not willing to fit into his life but want him to completely conform to yours

  33. That what I think.

    Remember: without the lie, your relationship wouldn't exist… What you are ending, wasn't made to exist.

    It's a castle of sand on the beach… It just survived that long because you protected it.

  34. well it seems you have your finances figured out to be independent…and he doesn’t…..maybe not a good fit

  35. If he’s ok medically, maybe he’s pulling a Bartleby. If you’ve tried to talk to him but he’s just a brick wall, I wouldn’t judge you if you left your apartment to stay at a friends place for a while.

  36. Yes i hope so. She does not have to feel embarressed about this at all honestly. I hope she will talk to me again because i feel really good with her

  37. She’s emotionally abusive. Anyone who repeatedly does something to upset their partner despite being asked/begged to stop, and labels it “joking” or “flirting”, is abusive. She doesn’t care how you feel.

  38. Conversations with siblings are often unfiltered in a way that would offend most partners. Here’s the most important question: is he a good, caring, respectful partner to you, in person and in your life?

    You invaded his privacy and saw a conversation with that wasn’t meant for you, that’s on you. But if he treats you well, loves you and demonstrates that love, why would you take a few dumb texts with his sister so seriously?

    Imagine throwing away a loving relationship simply because your partner did or said something that was wrong or insulting once. Have you ever done or said something insulting? Do you expect to given an opportunity to explain yourself or even just be allowed to make some mistakes? Surely you would?

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