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10 thoughts on “Moment51live sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. You’re rationalizing. Even if nothing has happened between them (yet), he’s thinking about it. He’s turned on by the idea of your younger, single friend masturbating with toys he bought for her. Since he can’t tell you that, he made up a conversation and is hoping you’ll just think you forgot about it (read: gaslighting)…and it worked.

    It’s gross and disrespectful. How embarrassing that he did that in front of other people, too. If this is how he acts when he’s 29 and had a naked year, imagine what “idiot move” he’ll make when he’s 45 and has a midlife crisis or loses his job, etc. Wake up now.

  2. I don't think this because the wedge will happen between OP and husband in a much larger way than between OP and bff.

    That would be a very stupid way of getting rid of the friend when there are millions of ways where he wouldn't harm his own relationship with OP

  3. You sound like a good guy and certainly deserve better from a relationship!

    Seeing it in black and white like this has probably already helped you make up your mind. Good luck and take care!

    Better things out there for you!

  4. … silly? When discussing the potential child abuse of your own children? I hope your husband fights for custody

  5. I could understand initially that you both have a learning curve when it comes to cat ownership (please watch some Jackson Galaxy videos on helping your cat with over-grooming and depression), but there's more going on here. Your girlfriend seems to resent having to put any kind of energy into caring for a living thing. She can be angry all she wants about the children comment, but there's some truth to that statement. If she can't have empathy and patience for a cat, how is a baby going to be different? That's a much steeper learning curve than owning a pet.

  6. If you're tiptoeing around the truth so that this precious rare perfect man doesn't break up with you….he's not precious, rare, or perfect.

  7. I don’t care what anyone says! Spending the night at a “friend’s” house of the opposite sex is NOT ok if you’re in a relationship. Adding anything else to that just makes it worse. And bro, he’s never “just a friend”.

  8. It felt like it to me, as he had reassured me he wasn’t seeing anyone else or on tinder and we’d agreed to take it slow. I said I wanted to wait and have sex, as I realised I needed to be fully comfortable and trusting of the person first, and he said he was fine with that. But now finding out he slept with someone else, makes me think he wasn’t fine with it and was looking for other people to sleep with in the meantime while dating me and progressing to a relationship.

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