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  1. He’s aware semen retention isn’t a thing correct? Like it’s absorbed or discharged naturally. I mean good for cutting back the porn but the whole nofap thing is just weird. Also did he toss expired ones only?

  2. I have long, dark hair and it gets freaking EVERYWHERE. Everyone sheds some hair-but it’s so much more noticeable for people with my hairstyle. I’ve found pieces in my car, my boyfriends couch, a hoodie I borrowed for 20 minutes, a booth at a restaurant, the floor at my parents house, a waiting room chair, and I’m sure I’ve left more pieces in other public places I never would’ve discovered them. I’m surprised your wife doesn’t understand this. You (or she) could’ve picked it up at work, from public transport if you use it, your child at school/daycare, from the store, etc. the list goes on.

    Why don’t you show her this post?

  3. Is she in therapy? Has she shown that she intends to begin therapy?

    My honest opinion, and you're not going to like it, is that the two of you moved way too fast into a serious commitment and now you don't have the room for either of you to say, “You know, after six months, I've realized this isn't really right for me,” which is a perfectly normal thing to decide after six months dating someone. I fear you'll be back here in a few years talking about how things haven't really been good since six months into the relationship but neither of you could bear the idea of admitting those initial feelings had faded, so you just kept up the status quo.

  4. I consider that fllirting and cheating. Nah from me. Plus now she's gaslighting him, the classic “When I'm wrong I apologize, when you're wrong I also apologize.”

  5. Get help. Like….holy shit. Have you not seen the replies? OP is willing to get a camera they’re just a little lost on what kind to get. There is something deeply wrong with you if you’re only reactions are “call the police. No? Well you deserve whatever happens next” then I have grave concerns.

  6. He assisted in the destruction of your relationship with your mom. No.

    That’s a personal decision. He’s a grown man who was aware of what he was doing, and he did not care if it brought you harm.

    That is also a personal decision. But, as a mom, I could not imagine doing anything to harm my children in that way. It’s unthinkable. She, too, is a grown adult who was aware of her actions and did not care if it brought you harm.

    Unfortunately, I think your upbringing may have impacted the partners you choose in a negative way. If you have the means, seek therapy to figure out why you would want to keep either person in your life. Do you think you deserve it? Do you think these people have your best interests at heart?

  7. I’m so sorry for the both of you. I do think it’s possible with therapy and patience to build sexual compatibility. Another thought I had was that no matter what happens, I would strongly recommend therapy for yourself. I’m not blaming anyone or calling you a victim but the circumstances here could have devastating effects on your self worth and damage all aspects of your life.

  8. This seems like a toxic reation from your partner. This situation was in no way cheating, imo, as you did not choose or consent to be hugged. At least you're only engaged and not married–I would be reconsidering the relationship if this is how she responds.

  9. Incorrect.

    It was to do with retaining physical sentimentality over mental; I only mention where the topper came from and who made it to give context to why it was important to both of us. It has become clear that we hold momentous in different ways, and that's ok.

    But, if that was not the case, what is your theory?

  10. He’s 38. This is who he is, and it’s not changing, especially when he faces zero consequences for being this way.

  11. Reading all the rest of you comments, I think you are an amazing, loving and giving person – I really do mean it! I mean, carrying for someone that apparently does not care for you, working hot to support both of you, doing chores around the house and also being considered of his feelings. You deserve so much better than someone who just leaches of you.

  12. It’s sounds like she was stressed with studying.

    Instead of waiting it out, you got upset you were getting her attention. She told you several times she was stressed and busy.

    Why didn’t you just believe her ?

  13. I know man “those people” that is a horrible horrible look but I am going to hold out a little hope that he wasn’t trying to make it a race thing.

  14. As someone who just got out of an abusive relationship of a month, thinking my spark towards the girl I was talking to would reignited, it never did and she gaslight me and was petty when I blocked her. She was also my first “girlfriend” who wanted similar things to your boyfriend, but it got to be to much for me.

    My biggest concern for you if you and him stick together is, what will happen when he tries to get you pregnant again, as he already refused to use a condom despite you getting them, then lied to you and didn't pull out. This will NOT just be a one off for him, especially since he is talking about marriage at 3 months in. Get out NOW, and get a restraining order if you feel like you are in danger.

  15. Relationships is not just about loving a person and wanting to be with them, they;re also about getting what you and them want in life.

    You live! once, if you want kids, you should do what you need to do to get what you want in life.

    Your current GF does not want kids, which is her right.

    As much as you love one another, you have to decide if you really want those kids, because she doesn't.

    And bonus tip, if you chose to stay with her, and a few years down the track she will most likely have a change of heart, but this 9 out of 10 times is false, you will end up having a child and she will regret it, suffer from depression afterwards, you two will no longer have sex and most likely break up anyway.

  16. It's common advice to never buy a house with a bf/gf. I imagine the risks involved are an unspoken objection.

  17. You’ve been together for a month and didn’t know him for long before that. You should not make your employment decisions based on his preferences.

    Do you think that taking this job is the best choice for you? If so, do it. Maybe you and your boyfriend will make a long distance connection work. Maybe not. But this brand new relationship shouldn’t be a factor at all.

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