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Date: October 19, 2022

34 thoughts on “Mssburbuja live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Edit: she did fuck him my life’s over night yak ✌️

    Time to find yourself a decent divorce lawyer and start the process. Let your family and friends know that you are divorcing because of her infidelity and start to remove her from your life.

    Your life is not over though, it's just that this part of it – the one where she is in it – is over. That's all it is.

    The sun will rise in the morning and life will roll on as normal. It will be changed, of that you can be assured, but it can and will get better if you work on it.

    For her though, well her future is hers now as well and that you will no longer be a part of it is her loss.

  2. The comments here are absolutely comical. If one is to take this post as seriously legit than the husband got exactly what he deserved. He KNEW his wife was not into swinging. He knew she needed some sort of emotional connection to have sex with someone else and he pursued it anyway. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  3. You have some decisions to make clearly your boyfriend is not going to stop talking to him. And he probably was at a party with a bunch of people. His friend is a gross person who is making comments so he can have your friend engage with him while they’re doing whatever they want to do. He may act like it’s a bro thing, it’s disrespectful. But it’s clear your boyfriend is going to continue to talk to him.

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  5. Right? That’s literally what he is – an addict. His behavior is all classic addict behavior. It doesn’t even matter that he’s addicted to video games instead of alcohol or drugs – it’s consuming him in just the same way. He’s making it his first priority, he’s denying that it’s a problem, he’s accusing you of doing the same thing with Christmas prep to deflect blame from himself, and he displays rage when he’s prevented from using. Like any addict, he won’t recognize he has a problem until he suffers real consequences- like his wife leaving him.

  6. Life's too short to be worried about this sort of thing. You're young, have fun, let her have fun. Let her go to the party and find another girlfriend.

  7. This is honestly ridiculous. You’ve gone past “pride” and into stubborn AH behavior. Because your little ego is too fragile you are going to ruin a really special night for your gf, that she wanted to celebrate with you? When your pride is ruining your relationship then I think you need to take a big step back and reevaluate why you think this is how a man has to act? Sure it’s nice to pay for things if it’s important to you, but you seem to be taking it to an extreme level and going into controlling or just pathetic behavior. You’ve been together for 3 years and presumably it’s pretty serious, you should be a PARTNERSHIP and that includes your gf getting to be a part of the relationship and decisions on what is important and worth spending money on.

  8. i’m guess it could sound immature to some people but i’m only 23 i still want to savor in things like kissing at midnight on new year’s eve, that’s why it stands out to me. he knows this about me. i didn’t expect his dislike of pda to reach to this since he’s kissed me on this night in this past in front of them, even tho on a normal night he wouldn’t. that’s why i’m frustrated, like are we going backwards

  9. You have to find out why he’s feeling like this. Is is toxic masculinity or just his fairytale come crashing down. Has he dreamed of having a son cos he knows how to react to them, how to bond with them? Does he want to teach them to throw a ball, go to football/ soccer games, support his team, play video games with them vs makeup, dancing all the “traditional” gender roles. I know as I don’t have brothers I would find having a son nude cos I boys are a different to raise but I know I would sad but I would accept it and thrive if put in that position. It would just be more learning. So you need to talk. Find out why? Why is he worried about bringing a girl into the world? Will he listen to reason- Girls can like football/ play football/ video games! As well as boys can be into makeup and fashion! Is he scared, disappointed or is it toxic masculinity that he has to have a son. And listen to his answer. And decide how to proceed from that.

  10. Well, you've probably heard that actions speak louder than words.

    If he shows you with his behavior; his actions, that he loves you, that is way more important than saying the words “I love you.” Certainly better than if he said I love you but his actions showed the opposite. Give it time. Give him time to fall in love.

  11. Girl. I don’t mean to be harsh but IMO the red flags are all you. I am sure you’ll get plenty of support because this sub can be like that but IMO, this is a recipe for disaster. You’ll run your own relationship into the ground.

    You’re attempting to police his friendships & insert yourself into his interactions.

    That’s never the way to gain trust – he’s right in that it will just creep its way into controlling every aspect of his interactions that may make you ‘uncomfortable’ & all it does is create an atmosphere of resentment where it becomes easier to hide stuff from you than to be honest & risk circular conversations about stuff you potentially dislike or have an issue with.

    If you don’t trust him to have appropriate friendships with the opposite gender – don’t be with him. Trust issues born out of past events or insecurities are not a stick to beat your SO with, it’s not fair to have to make them deal with that & have to constantly reassure you.

    My SO’s friend group includes exes, his brother is married to an ex of his, his best friend is an ex. It would never occur to me to drill him about the ‘contents’ of their friendship, make demands on what they should communicate about or make myself privy by force to their interactions.

    I respect his autonomy, his privacy and his ability to maintain appropriate relationships – basically, the fact that he is a responsible, respectful adult, his own human being. Both of us have relationships that don’t include each other (friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. – IMO, that’s normal.

  12. Where does he live? Pay rent?

    Can you start a joint savings account where you put equal in for the wedding?

    He surprises you by proposing… was he just trying to stop you leaving him?

  13. The truth is, you will never be her top priority. That honor belongs to her child. And quite likely, she will put work before a relationship because that job is her lifeline. She also might choose to put herself before you too because she needs a break and her opportunities for spare time as a single parent are basically non-existent. So that leaves you in 3rd-4th position. Until you can acknowledge that and be more selfless and supportive, she isn't going to trust you.

  14. No, she otherwise seems fine. No mental health issues, just a desire to go out a catch up on some specific lost experiences.

  15. Because you're jealous and reading way too much into these situations. Like what does their matching white sweaters have to do with anything?? It doesn't sound like he's in love with her. I think you're jealous.

  16. I mean I really hope I’m wrong and she’s just a little materialistic and has a guy best friend. The guys got to check though unfortunately.

  17. Wtf? Can I be your wife?

    If I can stay home and worry about work I’d be making your breakfast and lunch

  18. Your sister sounds like a complete AH. What right does she have to act this way towards someone she doesn't know?

    First, I'd talk to the rest of the family about it and let them know what your sister did. Get some people on your side to help make your GF more comfortable when she attends family events.

    If I were you I'd also limit contact with your sister.She sounds like a terrible person. Only invite your GF when she isn't around or you have enough others to buffer her. I do think it is important to protect your GF from her.

  19. I’m curious why you would do that that’s sort of sabotaging and dishonest. I’d be more concerned about a guy who tried to do that and then I would be anything else. I’m clean and sober and if I had a glass of soda water with lime and some one would try to put Gin in it or something I would never date them again.

  20. “I can complain about my abusive boyfriend on the internet but I won’t leave him because I like attention.”

  21. You are 25, your sister is 21 and mature enough to be able to handle the consequences of her actions/opinions.

    Your mom is also at fault because by not addressing the issue she is enabling the lies.

    If I were you, I would sit down with the 21F sister and clear all of this nonsense.

  22. You will be doing her a favor, as well as doing what is right for yourself, if you end this relationship today.

    Not to say you've been wrong pursuing it until now. But I think for your first relationship you made mistakes, and now you've come to understand there are deep incompatibilities between you and this person. Plus you don't love her.

    Breaking up with her would be the best thing for both of you, and deeply respectful to her. Do it soon. Do it in person, and with kindness. Do it taking full responsibility for your mistakes and without mentioning hers. Do it full-heartedly and not in a wishy-washy way. Waffling on this will be painful for everyone.

    But even if you have to text her at 4 AM to let her know? The important thing is to do it.

  23. Oh my. Dear, you need to get out. Grief can do things to people and it has caused him to spiral.

    Get out and give him some space. He may come around. But not likely without therapy.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  24. Maybe have a think about getting your things in order just in case things do stay as bad as they are.

  25. Yes I think OPs wife just admitted she should be the authority in the marriage. But there could be a lot of reasons for that. Does OP behave like a 50/50 partner or is it more traditional gender roles? If so wife has every right to mandate things like no shoes in the house, dirty clothes go in laundry basket right sides out, etc etc. The fact that OP doesn’t want to describe the actual disagreement is suspicious. If you’re going to write a post in a relationship advice subreddit, then ask for some real advice. Don’t just try to win an argument with your wife by posting pieces of the issue that will bias the answer in your favor.

  26. I personally wouldn’t swing but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. Very personal decision and both parties have to agree on it

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