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  2. You’re right, but I was specific to say that’s been single for a long time. But you’re even right about that. Probably not everybody but a lot of them. I coach women and it’s a familiar tale

  3. Edit: It's done, will post an update tomorrow if interested.

    Sadly there was no other option available to you.

    In wine there is truth and with her inhibitions down the truth of who she is as a person came out for all – including you – to see.

    Even if you tried to make it work the realisation of who she is would've eaten away at you.

    Better to have just broken it off before it got any worse.

  4. There’s a time and a place though, he states multiple times that she knew this guy had a gun on him. Don’t escalate a situation where the other party has a weapon should be basic common sense.

  5. Why do you think that men, but somehow not also women, lose the power to walk away once they get married? Kids make separation more complicated for everybody, but if there are no kids, both people are still free to walk away. If you're only referring to a potentially unfair division of assets, there are prenups to protect against that.

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