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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “Nalgonasex_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Look, I'm all into 8-10 years age gap when the woman is 24F or older and I'm always against people who talk like if you're not 30 you're stupid and easy to manipulate. But in your case, that age gap is concerning and on top of that this guy sounds like a psycho, leave, run and never look back.

  2. Miss ma’am, nobody in their right mind accepts cheaters. Sure, you don’t like your husband but you could’ve just divorced. Plus you’re selfish for not even thinking about your children and how your actions will affect them. ?

  3. I stopped at the “throwing things” “and pour water on me while I was sleeping”. Fuck that shit. She’s abusive, end of story. I had a close friend that had a girlfriend (they just married actually) who did this exact same shit. I tried to warn him that this isn’t normal behavior – it’s abusive. Please do what my friend didn’t, and get out ASAP. You deserve better.

  4. There is no way it would remain anonymous even if OP told his wife nothing. She knows damned well who her husband wants and who will take him away from her.

  5. Here's a novel idea: stop policing and trying to control what your partner looks at on social media. Such a waste of time and effort.

    Seriously, social media is cancer to relationships. Stop tripping over it.

  6. yeah he’s completely on board & agrees with me & told me how i shouldn’t feel bad or anything, so that’s helpful & yeah i’m planning on not answering his cousins calls any more because he just wants us to still come & make my future mil happy because she’s so excited like okay & imagine how excited i was as my sons mom to do those things that i get the right to do & not have it taken away by someone who barely sees my son to begin with

  7. If it were me, I might want to give it some more time? It sounds like you don’t know yourself well enough yet to know if this is a sign that he’s not right for you, or a sign that it’s time to recalibrate what “love” looks like to you. A soul connection can take a while to build. Took me a year to be able to say “I love you” to my boyfriend, but once I did, I meant it. If you’re not in therapy, it honestly might help you to look inside yourself and figure it out. Sounds like a healthy relationship so far though, good for you.

  8. > So how does your ex know all of this then? How is he tracking who you are dating?

    We knew each other from college, i guess talking to a person who knows me? Also, i have social media and even if it's set to private, my profile picture show me with my bf.

    > But you need to give him the time to take it all in and stop filling in the blanks about what you think he's doing before he informs you of his feelings (he doesn't even know!)

    My bf doesn't want to talk about it, he's gone almost zero contact with that “i need time” excuse. I'm not even sure we are a couple anymore, i'm dreading a text from him telling me it's over.

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