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  1. I'll tell you this, you don't end up in a leadership role by accident. You don't end up ambitious by accident. The conceptualization that you want to build and have things for yourself is something I'm certain you've been told and accepted.

    Now I'm going to describe a person. They don't listen to you, they know what they want and they go get it, they do not take no for an answer. If you were to guess, which gender better describes this stereotype?

  2. If its not clicking its not clicking. You've already asked him about and if him being a bad texter is a deal breaker then its time to move on

  3. I've seen a number of other commenters mentioning this. When you're young, you haven't experienced enough friendship or romance yet. Teenagers want to be in love. When you're older, yourself and the people around you will be more experienced with those feelings and will be able to discern what you want from individual people instead of shooting your shot with all of your friends at once.

    You don't have to be “old and wrinkly” to have male friends. You don't have to seek out gay friends. You just need to weed through the bad friends until you find some with emotional maturity. The older you are, the more friends you've been through and the good ones will have stayed

  4. It’s only gotten mildly better in twenty years and I think it’s more because I’ve learned how to handle men better as I get older. I’m not even that nice and it happens so often. I only befriend gay men now.

  5. Why? For some freedom that was always there to begin with

    I would advise you to avoid picking apart the reasons he gives you — probably the real reason is that he just fell out of love with you, and there's really nothing you can do about that. A better match for you will invest in your relationship and keep the love alive.

  6. Why do you feel like this relationship is worth saving? Also I'm not a fan of TV in the bedroom. Personally for me it ruins the vibe of the room.

  7. My husband is also tall and he has a chronic back pain so it’s very difficult for him to stay on top for long. We normally go for spoon or doggy… May be you and your bf can try other positions that’s enjoyable for both?

  8. Can i just ask out of curiosity?! They must sell plastic ones?! Just to keep the site open, so they would be safe to use?!?!

  9. People usually want a nice person, with good hygiene, and relatively okay looks. None of us look like models. Some of us are considered ugly by some people but good-looking by others. That's okay. The thing is that if you check the first 3 things,it seems to be more of a low self esteem issue. Non confident people have the hardest time dating. Some people find dates even though they might be assholes/ugly/unhygienic just because they have a lot of confidence and they sell themselves. It's not an easy thing to fake either because people can read fast through bullshit. Another reason why people might ignore you is that u might have no interests. Nothing to talk about. If you start having interests and start hanging out with people who also have similar interests to yours to have stimulating conversations with you will definitely appear desirable to some people. It is when we talk about our passions that we glow the most and some people will find that hot.

  10. I'll want a woman who is between 18-25, slim and doesnt have kids but is gonna give me at least 4 of them

    Really? You sure you like mom bods or is it something else. Do you know what a mom bod is?

    You know what good luck to you and hopefully things work out for the woman that you try and get to have your 4 kids.?

  11. I am also highly suspicious of this mystery illness where he carries her to the bathroom when the main identified issue is a lack of assertiveness. It sounds like she is messing with him, intentionally. I would personally not choose to just stop walking, but believe it or not, this does actually happen within this specific dynamic as a way of flexing the level of control the abuser has attained. Was she living independently to any degree before this? I'm gonna guess no, even though the onset of this was recent and sudden

  12. She never said anything about a diamond. I think it's pretty common sense for a ring you plan to wear every day to be a neutral color.

  13. He is emotionally abusive and manipulative to get you to “behave” the way he wants. He may claim he loves you, but someone who loves you won’t withhold affection to get their way. Also pay attention to his actions, not his words. They are showing how he truly feels about you. I wouldn’t stay with someone who did this to me, you deserve better.

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  16. Because it’s false confidence. She is faking it. I do this too. Because confidence is sexy and I know that. But deep down I’m a coward.

  17. Why does your marriage have to be at a breaking point for your wife to set boundaries with her parents? If you speak to them you’re always going to be the bad guy.

  18. You're incredibly shitty. Cheating isn't okay. Have at least the decency to break up and divorce before fucking around.

  19. This seems like a bad idea to me. OP sounds like a mature reasonable adult. His wife does not. Encouraging her infantile, despicable behavior does not seem to be in OPs best interest. OP is likely going to find himself in a legal battle with this selfish witch soon enough. Siding with her in this sends the wrong message.

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  21. Here's advice – he has already expressed to you that he doesn't agree with your boundaries because he is still doing it . You ARE policing his behaviour because you are checking up on what he is doing , and then kicking off because you don't agree with it

    This relationship is not based in trust – you don't trust him so you are regularly invading his privacy , and it's not healthy . He doesn't want to adhere to your boundaries or he would have done so , not continued and tried to hide it from you

    Just as an FYI for the future , a lot of people are not going to be happy with your obsessive checking of their phones for behaviours . Freedom to pick up a phone and Google it is not the same as going through someone's phone trying to catch them out , and a lot of people have a basic expectation of privacy . Not every aspect of someone's life , partner or not , is supposed to be completely accessible to you at all times , people are allowed to have thoughts , conversations and desires that are nothing to do with you , romantic partner or not . You sound controlling , and untrusting , and if you want to have a happy relationship in the future you need to accept that you cannot control people. If they are going to cheat on you , smothering them and giving them no privacy is not going to stop that , it's simply going to make them even less desirous of being loyal because frankly its exhausting living under surveillance

  22. … he was looking down at your work. You said it yourself. He doesn't respect what you do and will not showcase it.

  23. She's not taking anything out on him.

    Mom can create any healthy Boundary she wants.

    OP literally said that the affair partner is a 'better' match for Dad. Do you not even realize that this piece of informatiom is irrelevant? There was no reason to mention this except to make it sound like the Dad being a complete cheating fuckwad wasn't so bad because… it turned out well for Dad!!

    Like holy-fuck what an awful thing to add to this story.

    'My Mom is being difficult because Dad fucked her over. He's happy now and I like his affair partner. So can't we all play nice?”

    Mom: 1. Waits a year or two to let kid process and make a mature decision. 2. Kiddo keeps lovong dad and seeing no problem with it. Likely even bringing up old Daddy in conversations. Commenting on things that go on with affair-partner. 'Isn't she nice?' 3. “Yeah, okay, I'm done waiting for you to grow the fuck up. Pick ONE of us because I never need to hear one more story about this cheating Ex-husband again and how happy they are and how much you enjoy doing stuff with Them”.

    Mom isn't deserting or abandoning a child. OP is an Adult. (If OP didn't talk about Dad and his new life the Mom wouldn't care.)

    Mom thinks she needs to have the Ex completely out of her life to move on in a healthy way.

    Frankly, most adults wouldn't be saying such nice things about their adulterous father. That alone is telling.

  24. Fair enough. If was something as serious as BPD, Bipolar or Clinical depression then I'm not surprised he flipped out. Those should be disclosed within a month of dating.

  25. Also this is not “accidentally found out” lmao. This is “my boyfriend told my dad that I'm a bottom and now things are weird.”

    Also I read “organized a dinner” as “orgasmed at dinner” and was like well yeah, that'll do it.

  26. I have very similar issues with my family, with full on guilt tripping due to cultural expectations. And, no matter how much I dislike them I do help financially with what I can. In the future I only expect my financial support for them will rise.

    With that said, I have never so far, and will never going forward ask my SO to jump in. Why? Because it’s not anyone else’s responsibility but mine, since I decided to not cut ties completely due to my personal reasons.

    Does my family like it? Of course they don’t as they can’t get all they want from me. But, if they want me in their life and helping when and as much as I can, they learned to respect my boundaries. And trust me it was not easy, and they’ll still try to guilt trip me occasionally, but stone face says more than any words.

  27. limerence literally comes with delusions. it completely skews your perceptions. he needs help, not judgment.

  28. We have set expectations that she is an adult. Paying for trips in the past does not mean she is entitled to have everything.

    On top of her not liking to be around children, this was also a part of the younger kids Christmas gift. Do you reqlly think a 25 yo who doesn't like kids is going to want to spend 4 days at Disney with 2 small kids?

  29. OMG betrayed by someone you are in a relationship with is bad enough…. but your mother's betrayal takes this to a whole new level. YES< he is a sick person and you need to stay away from him. There is nothing left to salvage. He sexted with your MOM! Not some stranger. Your mother! He is not the kind, decent person he pretended to be with you. He is a manipulative con-artist who pulled the wool over your eyes. Please cut him off. Tell him to leave you the hell alone and then block him at every turn. Take comfort in your friends and other family members. As far as forgiving your mom goes, maybe.... in time, and with a lot of therapy (both you AND her). She is clearly a very, very messed up person if she thought sexting and camming with her daughter's boyfriend was an ok thing to do. So forgiving will be one thing, letting go of the negative feelings will be good for you to work towards... but I would suggest never trusting her ever again and keeping her at arms length as she is likely to continue to disappoint you. Seriously, I think that I am just losing faith in humanity today.

  30. It's still not your responsibility to pay. When I got with my husband I was a single mum with 2 small daughters. He didn't pay any of my expenses & I didn't expect him to. Just be careful that you don't get stuck paying for her & her child for the next god knows how many years, even if you're not together. The fact that she keeps mentioning the money aspect makes me suspicious.

  31. Well, that is a pattern you are definitely going to have to reflect on, obviously, but regarding this scenario I will put it like this:

    Whatever negative scenario you worry about coming from ending or at least confronting this now, it is absolutely nothing compared to the version of that scenario that would play out as a result of you fully burning out.

    Like while you've still got the energy you can talk, reason, accomodate, look into support options, etc. But if you just keep getting more and more fatigued and then one day you take a nap or watch a movie with a friend and you come out to 200 messages and you just say fuck this and send her something snarky or turn off your phone or call and tell her to leave you alone, and keep in mind this is still all pretty tame, you know the reaction will be a million times worse. And that's assuming these simple scenarios, eventually she will press too very hot and you will just scream, howl, in her face and you will potentially say things you never imagined you could and it will scare you that at that moment you meant it.

    Just be careful. I know you think dragging it out is the better thing to do for her or find it naked to rip the bandaid but I am sure you've already sensed you ability to humour this slipping. And that's not even factoring all the potentially lifelong damage she is doing to you emotionally, something that even if she magically got cured tomorrow would still take you a long time to heal from… and she won't be changing potentially ever at this rate.

    I know I am hitting you with the grim talk but friend, I want to be honest with you: I think right now you really need to consider the potential outcomes of the path you are walking.

  32. Read this back to yourself, “WE are still growing up”, wtf is a 38 year old not grown up? You are still growing up, your brain isn’t full developed and so are you saying the same about your middle aged pedophile BF too?

  33. In North Carolina he could sue the affair partner for alienation of affection since he knew she was married. With those texts it’s an easy case to win. Up to $25k.

  34. We share household responsibilities and bills. I have maintained my side of the deal and expect you to maintain yours. If you want me to manage the house, we can have a conversation about you picking up a bigger share of the bills.

  35. They have been storming my phone with calls ever since.

    Block them! They don't exist!

    Shitty people do not deserve your time! So sorry this happened to you, from your own flesh and blood. That's gotta be one of the biggest betrayals ever.

    Just cut them out for real, you don't need them! Go on about making your life worthwhile and free of toxic people! Also don't be surprised if:

    They break up and Chelsea wants “to talk” Brother/Fam wants to make amends because they need something from you (money or “access to graaaandbabies”)

    All the best to you

  36. But the flip side is some serious spousal alienation. If my husband had asked me for a paternity test, I’d have been 50 different kinds of hurt and furious.

  37. You're a single mom living with your children's father.

    A relationship is a partnership. Getting married is a huge step and it really seems like he's stepping back from what should be a strengthening bond.

    This 4-8 hours a day thing sounds like exactly what you describe: an obsession. Pro athletes may put this kind of daily time into training but they have arranged their lives to be able to do so. Either because they earn enough that it's their day job (high paying sports), or because they have arranged their lives such that they can get by sparingly with what they do make (low paying sports).

    I don't think you get to shirk important, human connections that you plan to keep because you want to give a real shot at a sports you've suddenly developed a passion for.

    To some degree, I understand. At one point I took up distance riding (road cycling), and the training got to be super time consuming. Hours per day. This on top of a full time job. I didn't have a relationship or children at the time but ultimately decided that I'd have to commit to that status quo for years, or find a way to reduce the time commitment. So I did a few things I could be proud of as accomplishments and took up running (much less time commitment) instead. And all of this because I wanted what he already has.

    But I digress. I really think you can't let him wiggle here. This has to be a thing thats discussed directly and firmly. You deserve to have a partner present in this relationship. And if pickleball is where that partner wants to be present, then it comes at risk of the relationship. Full stop. Imagine you put up with this for a few more years, growing ever more resentful (which you already clearly are) the entire time that your loneliness comes at the cost of a sport you don't understand or feel justified the absence. You'll be spiteful and feel burned for having wasted time you could have been moving on.

    I'm not saying you should issue an ultimatum that he quit pickleball, especially if it brings him joy. But I am absolutely saying you should let your partner know you can't foresee staying in a relationship which is limited to such fleeting interactions, no matter the reason. Maybe he can play pickleball less. Or maybe he can take up a sport that returns the same satisfaction in a shorter time. Or maybe he can decide to do neither of those things and pay child support while you find a person who doesn't have a paddle (racket?) wound a bit too tightly around their wrist.

    Sorry if this seems harsh or hostile. It sounds like you love him very much and I hope this something you can both get past.

  38. Then you say “Money or not, your breath is so bad it makes me nauseous. I am turned off. Please fix it immediately.” Or you could use my best friends husband's approach and say “Did you have shit muffins for lunch because holy shit your breath is bad!”

  39. Idk, I’d ask her why she wants a kid with me anyways knowing we are never going to be a couple and this kid is always going to have to be coparented… also std test for yourself and DNA test at 10 weeks

  40. Yeah see a true hoe isn’t getting upset about this stuff. We use the men as much as they use us. I know how to have relationships but I also enjoy sex and lots of it. Know the difference!

  41. Is this the type of person you really want to be partnered up with for life?? He is very mentally unwell. And not like, a few couples counseling sessions unwell. Aside from the stalking, harassing, and verbal abuse… he’s using you as a mask until… what? He convinces her to get with him? Is that the sort of “relationship” you want to be in? Is that something you want to save?

  42. You should be thankful you’re not in prison, you very well should be. Please never contact her. I hope this is fake.

  43. Why are you marrying a man you’re afraid to be honest with? I promise you, swallowing your feelings because you don’t want to be “the bad guy” will blow up in your face.

  44. Most people don't care whether an anonymous story is based on reality or not. We are here to discuss hypothetical people in hypothetical situations.

    I don't understand why anybody would be here for other reasons

  45. Well of course we have in-depth conversations. We talk about the future, finances, dreams, career goals, family and we communicate fairly well.. but every conversation about marriage I’ve tried to have ends pretty much the same way, hence testing the waters. I’ve never really pushed it because I assumed even if we weren’t on the same page we were at least in the same book – we’ve talked kids so marriage didn’t feel super off base.

  46. I think that the sooner he can get some professional help, the better. He seems to have an inflated sense of self and feels like he’s always mistreated or underappreciated. He’s going into these jobs with a chip on his shoulder and an aggressive way of going.

  47. I completely understand that he made commitments to his buddy and I don’t ever expect him drop things just so we can hang out. He games with this guy every night and he games according to his buddy’s availability. And the fact that he’s completely fine with me moving my day to do taxes instead. It just makes me feel like crap.

  48. WTF? Dude the red flags were always there….. Stay broken up. Your marriage will be hell otherwise

  49. I wouldn't say anything….Your parents are older, happy and is it really any of your business? Yes you love your parents but is it up to you to disrupt their lives and know the cause of the hurt will initially be because of you. You might not be privy to a lot of information on your parents marriage.

    Option 4 and move on.

  50. I think you're gonna have to give yourself more time to get over this. The only thing I'll point out is that you guys did move way fast. Meeting the kid after only TWO MONTHS?? Wow.

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