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Date: October 23, 2022

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  2. My doctor suggested selenium (high doses), b12, vitamin D and iron supplements. I am not sure if they are helping that much besides the iron that I really need. The only thing helping seems to be no alcohol and no sugar. Have you tried it? Right now my main problem is my thyroid being swollen and it hurts.

  3. GF NEEDS to get back on her … medication[s]

    No, you need to GTFO. After she gets back on her meds and stops being a monster, she can look for someone new, but I see no reason for you to take any more of this abuse, and once you're safely out, you'll see this too.

  4. A blowjob is a minimum. “Hundred” and all you get is to touch is bullshit, otherwise the boyfriend got ripped off. In either case, he's an idiot.

  5. No, the picture you painted, that the OP didn't.

    All OP said was that Evan used to think Anna was pretty, and was curious enough about her to try to get her number. And that Evan already didn't feel anything for Anna even at the very beginning of talking to OP.

    That is the entire story.

    There is no 'settled.'

    'Settled' would be “well I would prefer Anna, but I'll take OP instead.”

    There was no overlap of feeling, and there was barely any feeling. He hadn't even met Anna or spent time with her, it sounds like, if he couldn't even get her number. It was literally “she's pretty” and that's it. That's not even a feeling.

    I feel you're the one reading far more into this than was included in the OP.

    Evan saw Anna, thought she was pretty, couldn't get her number, and had already moved on, when he began talking to OP. That he would have ever thought girls he couldn't get the number of were pretty is pretty much a given. That one of them happened to be OP's sister, is a coincidence. And maybe not even that, if they're in a small social crowd.

  6. That’s bullcrap he’s being a manipulative douche. Dump him and leave him alone. Males said crap like that to me when I was young and my response was has nothing to do with me.

  7. Drunk people can't consent, but he was drunk too, they can't rape eachother… Saying “it doesn't hold up in court” doesn't mean anything if both parties are drunk.

  8. I guess it just depends on the dynamics of your relationship with them. Tell Amy you have to cut contact with her, and ask her how much detail she wants you to go into with your other friends.

  9. 3 weeks in she is already demanding you completely cut off your ex who you don’t have feelings for any longer. Unless you give her reason to believe you are still interested in your ex, this kind of demand is unreasonable. What would she do if you had a child? Tell you to cut off contact with your child’s mother?

  10. Why not just say “very pretty picture” on the story? or something similar? Or “slamming hot” – though that would be more “full on” lol. Or “Love the picture! your eyes look beautiful and you're really stunning!”.

  11. Your life is being upended by his addiction. It sounds as if you think if he had a good talking to, all this will be over. Everyday it gets worse: crashing the car, spending all the money, He's not working. He's making your life a dumpster fire.

  12. Also a 40 year old man here.

    I agree 100%. The way he talks is also objectification of you, its wrong from all angles.

  13. Thanks I think I need to do this. He's definitely naive about trauma and recovery. I think we need to have a session with the therapist because I don't think he realizes the effect my past trauma has on me now (and has been having on me this whole time). I truly think he thinks since I didn't do anything about it for so long that it wasn't that bad/bother me that much. But it's because I have been so ashamed for so long I could barely admit these things happened.

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