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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. This sounds like a series I just watched. Husband cheats on wife doesn’t tell her. Wife is pregnant, cheated on husband w best friend didn’t tell him. The best friend thinks it’s his and threatens to tell. Get a paternity test, boom it’s the friends baby. First off, why did y’all cheat? That’s the first issue you need to figure out, second why you cheated will be if you therapy it out or walk away. Sounds like you both just don’t care enough, I mean y’all cheated. Not once either. Get a paternity test to see if your life will be bound together by a child, if not therapy it to work on the trust problems and lack of something or walk away and find someone who peaks your interest enough to communicate issuses

  2. This is not the way to handle your finances. You do not quit your job, and take out loans you have no means to pay back. Also all this financial generosity buying you a PlayStation and all your meals? If you marry her that’s money that’s gonna have to come out of your pocket to pay back. She seems to have no idea how to manage money.

    Tell her the wedding is off until she gets a job and starts paying off her credit card debt and loan. If she wants to go out to dinner tell her no, do you want to support her getting out of debt. If she buys you expensive gifts, tell her to take them back. You would rather have a house than a PlayStation.

    Sit down with her and make a budget. Show her how much money is coming in and how much money is being spent. Unless she grasps the concept of money, you refuse to marry her.

  3. Omg he thinks he's your parent! Does he grab you by your ear and drag you back in the house? Is he threatening to take your phone and cut your TV time too?

  4. We only know he said he likes her as she is, that doesn't seem so terrible?

    Another story would be actually getting angry at her for trying to lose weight or trying to stop her from doing it.

    In any case OP needs to do what feel best for her. If she wants to get in shape she has to go for it and he either is ok with this or he can be with someone else.

    It is pretty straightforward…

  5. Do you really need to be in this other child's life? Why ruin a perfectly good family for a child and mom that insist on shoving their way into your life? Your wife didn't agree to be a stepmom and not everyone is cut out for it. Her reaction is completely natural. But just make sure you're confident in your choice to abandon your wife and present children for this random ass kid.

  6. Dude you weren’t the man of the house for years (meaning she had to do both roles). It’s going to take more than a few months for all of that disgust and disappointment to go away…if it ever does at all

    Congrats on starting to take control of your life again but the hallmark of a man is consistency, keep at it

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