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Date: September 20, 2022

6 thoughts on “natalieclark

  1. Hey. How are you feeling now? I think I care more about how you feel than your boyfriend… Think about that.

  2. So last year I went over the top for my partner too, and got something in return that felt insincere. I was super upset, and was ready to end things. I even posted about it on Reddit and naturally everyone’s advice was also to break up, but instead I chose to work on better communication. Now when holidays hit, we discuss a budget and get gift ideas from each other.

    Its easy when you fall in love to have a lot of ups and downs as you get to know your partner. It’s scary to bring up things that bother you when you really like someone, cause you’re afraid of losing them.

    You probably don’t want to get your partner a gift because you don’t want to risk the chance of getting hurt again, not because you’re mad that he is a bad gift giver. Xmas is like two weeks away, give yourself the gift of a more functional relationship by communicating about stuff like this. Come up with a budget, ask what they want, gift them ideas within the budget of things you want. This can be remedied.

  3. You are seriously asking us of you should stay with a 33 year old man who cheats on you with a teenager who is his student? If your friend, or a sister, or cousin came up to you and told you the story you just told us would you tell them to stay together?

  4. Are you going out with them every weekend instead of hanging out with your partner? Stop projecting your situation into OPs. Read their comments. Her husband was trying to cheat on her.

  5. Why not work on cuddle sessions..make out sessions….with goal not to have sex… but intimacy. There are books out there about your issue and how to increase closeness and intimacy.

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