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  1. taking someone’s virginity is already an investment you gotta make, much less if they’re into their 20s and beyond.

    basically, he’s almost 30, so if you could see yourself marrying the guy, go for it. if not, this dragon might not be the one for you to slay.

  2. Also I'm not saying I don't want him to see his kids I'm saying I'm concerned about what situations could arise once they start staying here

  3. Brokeup with her infront of your friends and told her you warn her multiple time and you dont want an abuse shit for a gf..never ever take her back

  4. I dont know what train ran means… but no its not her its the guys… and ofc shell drink… and she hasnt been with other guys before when she was drunk… except me… soo ya … and if u think that i dont trust her … maybe thats why my gf things as well… thats where i need help … like how do i handle this situation

  5. The big issue imo is that your husband seems like he wants kids now, while you still don't. That's a bigger conversation and if he wants them, then it could likely be a deal breaker. If he wants kids and you don't, that's a fundamental no-fault dealbreaker and you might have to separate. Regarding the condoms, your compromise is spot on. Makes total sense to me and neither of your bodily autonomies are impacted. That being said, maybe you could pitch the idea to him of saving his sperm at a sperm bank on the off chance that you are ever in a position to afford a surrogate and he cares about having a biological child. Then he could get a vasectomy. good luck.

  6. ” dear gf, your entitlement is nearly made us killed. With all love I have for you , I cannot stay with someone so dangerously stupid. I am sure you will find someone else more in your range.”

  7. I think therapy might help. It might also help to find peace if ask yourself if Emily would be happy seeing you unhappy and your daughter deprived of love.

    I t might also help to have more empathy for how your words hurt your wife and decide to just leave some things unsaid. You have a right to your feelings and grief. The cookies scene triggered a flood of memories.

    However you will deprive yourself and your family of any chance of a happy future until you accept that you cannot change the past.

  8. Proceed with caution, and treat this as a red flag. He wasn’t ready to talk about this, so he didn’t propose. Now this is all coming to a head and he is unable to communicate.

  9. Yep, something is definitely going on that you should be concerned about. I would go to her first, bc your husband will probably lie.

  10. Wait, what? Yous are broken up, of course she can sleep with other people. Who decided to break up, I take it that it was her?

    Why are you still wanting a relationship with a girl who “wants to be single through college” considering how many years college is? What did you think was going to happen here? Yous would be “broken up” but not sleep with anyone else for four years? Come on.

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