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  1. You have a medical issue and even if you didn't that is abusive and NOT PROFESSIONAL. What's the no for HR or the helpline ?

  2. We've actually had a great time together since she started college. We've been traveling a lot and enjoying each other. We just had returned from an extended trip when this happened.

  3. Might be worth a few solo counseling sessions to talk it out, and then bring it to your joint sessions if you feel like it's something worth repairing?

    If you decide you want to break up over it, absolutely do that. You fully get that isn't something you can take back, and there's absolutely no reason to be rash about this decision.

    Take the time and space you need. If your partner won't give that to you, it should just emphasize that they aren't capable of giving you what you need.

  4. He needs to work on his issues before bringing you into them. That's not fair that you are disrespected because he has past trauma that he hasn't dealt with. I think if you want to continue the relationship he should get therapy first.

    You are both still young too. 18 was a naked age imo dealing with emotions/mental illness and not having the resources to do so because noone ever taught you how. Plus it's the age you start college and deciding on your future which can be stressful. I was dealing with an idiot boyfriend and starting college at the same time and dropping him was the best decision. I could focus on school instead of him.

  5. I'm really, really sorry this happened to you. Your fast and decisive action to get him out and get a lawyer is very admirable – it's gonna be okay in the end, I promise.

    This happened to me awhile back, and life gets good again, but the middle part can suck a lot. Get a good therapist so you can vent and process the whole thing.

    I hope the affair partner is no longer living with your mother. I would have a huge big problem with that myself. She can wait out her fire rebuild on someone else's couch. Your mom should tell the church leadership why she rescinded the offer as well. “Broke up my daughter's marriage within weeks of meeting my son to be ex son in law” is probably information other potentially kind church members ought to hear ahead of making her the same offer.

  6. Not speaking for your bf or all men. Just me and some of my friends. We never bring something like that up or ask how someone is doing. We have been bottling up things like that since kids and someone bringing them up breaks that sometimes. At most we say indirect stuff. And the people that do this that I know are also the type to cope with jokes etc. Sure some have healthier approaches and I'm trying to also. But still talking about something like that to someone doesn't come naturally. It's the first time he's with you on this day.

    Please communicate to him how you wish he handles it.

    He might just be worried about saying or doing something wrong and not knowing what to do.

  7. Sounds a bit dramatic considering how MANY people smoke weed. Compared to alcohol it’s far more benign. Is your Dad ex-military or conservative politically? Where I’m from, I can go down to the store and by it just like you would a bottle of wine. I’ve been a regular smoker for years and I’ve turned out just fine. I’m also curious about the culture of a company that STILL tests for weed in 2023? I wouldn’t be interested in working there. Sorry my friend, but I came here to tell you not to worry and don’t beat yourself up.

  8. So he just admitted that he is selfish and quite happy to manipulate you if it benefits him. Pretty scummy thing to do. Someone who is so deceptive when things are at their best is not someone I would want to be with. Imagine what he can do when things are not so good. Honesty and integrity are not part of his personality.

    And he is about to have a large involvement with this ex for the next 18 years. And a child, who should always come first. Why willingly sign up for this.

  9. Well of she's used to genitals smelling like bleach, I'd say any on of us redditors would also have a “musty” smell. This is so odd.

  10. Well no shit, I 100% agree with you. Of course he’ll be hurt, of course I should’ve taken a second and limited contact but unfortunately I didn’t which is completely my fault. I was more asking if wtf do I do now and how do we tell him you know.

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