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  1. You should sit down with him and say, “Hey, I appreciate the gifts that you have gotten me. They’re really expensive and I know you want to get something special for me, but I’m not really a fan of Pandora bracelets/charms. I just don’t want you to waste money on something I don’t like.” Something to that effect.

    You probably should have said it sooner to save money ?, but, if he’s a good guy, he’ll be understanding.

    I wouldn’t want to waste money on something I know my partner wouldn’t like. Also, be prepared to provide alternative gifts because he may ask “Well what DO you like?”

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  3. Wow. Your wife wants to sexually please you on your birthday and then make you a BLT. And now you post on reddit to complain about it? Even though you pretty much hurt your wife's feelings. You could of squeezed her boobies and said make me that sandwich baby and I will give you a good pounding after. First world problems at its finest.

  4. He wouldn't have asked you to be exclusive if he didn't like you. The relationship wont last if you cant communicate with him. Asking him if you are still going to shower is not pestering him.

  5. Doesn’t matter if your married or not. You have no say on what she decides to wear. You can accept it or leave. Those are your options. Hopefully you aren’t like this with other parts of your relationship, as you are coming of as very controlling.

  6. I wake up early and do my best to not disturb my partner. I use the Apple Watch alarm. It never has made me not get up. There’s obviously a snooze function, too.

  7. You didn’t. She’s really disrespectful and was so obvious about it, there’s really nothing else he could have done if he wanted to stay with you. Yea, she was a friend, but she doesn’t sound like a good friend to have.

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