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Date: September 29, 2022

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  2. If he is this under control of his parents then he is not ready for an adult relationship. Also calm down, this is an internet relationship with someone who lives in another continent. You are putting alot of fantasies of deep feelings on a 20 year old who is severely controlled and under the thumb of his parents and who lives in a different continent. Right now your feelings and this relationship are all fantasy and not rooted in reality. Get therapy and let go of the guy who doesn’t have the spine to break free from his parents.

  3. Her colleague sounds completely informational, but your girlfriend is handling it, so what is it, exactly, that you're upset about? That others find her attractive?

  4. I found a journal I kept for a class that one of my favorite teachers wrote answers back to me in.

    It was like a warm hug from someone I loved very much who died a few years ago. If I wasn't a journaler, not sure I would have held on to it.

    When I was in treatment for PTSD, my journals helped me forgive myself for choices I made while deeply damaged. It was really easy to understand why I couldn't see what I missed at the time. This was separate from making amends with people I harmed, but ya know? I was one of the people I harmed.

  5. I'm not mad about it?? it was literally an open discussion we're having a great laugh now actually

  6. Yeah, I should return to therapy. I know my self-esteem is rubbish. But even so, do you see the validity in the concern? Or do I just sound insane. I need unbiased strangers to unleash here so I can get out of my head.

  7. Stand your ground. He's gotten his way for far FAR too long, and that's why he continues to act this way. Plan one party the way you want. It's YOUR son, not your father's. If he wants to have a relationship with your family, where he can share those milestone moments, then he can swallow his pride, be an adult, and be cordial to the people you invite.

  8. Go on the trip. You're young and you're going to have a wonderful time.

    Don't let a man stop you from what could be a once in a lifetime experience. Not now, not ever. If he breaks up with you, so be it, there are other men out there better than him.

  9. ahh cmon u know what i meant, it was a joke LOL, trying to cool down my mind a bit, i was just implying that it feels really serious and real, we want to move in together in a bit when she finishes school, we talk a lot about our future, yes yes i know it all seems crazy fast but as i mentioned i was in a 5 year relationship that i ended on good terms and never had such deep conversations

  10. Calling him a bitch is over the line, but I would think a woman was overreacting if she was acting the same way about a similar thing.

    Being disappointed is fine. Throwing a fit and acting as if the wedding is ruined is overreacting and silly.

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