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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I only said love language because my love language is physical touch. Kissing is important to me so I couldn’t be with someone who wouldn’t kiss me.

  2. He is 31 and cannot make it clear when he breaks up as opposed to taking a break?! You are so much better without him. And also it was probably more of a power move than anything else really.

  3. I agree. In a way, I'd be doing them a favor too by breaking up with them. Like, then they can fire up the tinder again, go out to the bars and invite guys to meet them at the bar again. I think the reason why he keeps me around is because if he needs a +1 for anything I'm always there. (I could sense the frustration when I saw a convo where he bought movie tickets for one guy, and then he was scrambing to find another to go with him because the other bailed…I was at work so it couldn't be me anyway) If he needs someone to cuddle while falling asleep, it's guaranteed that I'll be there. I'm sure very few of the guys he fucked wanted to stay afterward. And he's very self conscious about his age so he probably thinks in the longterm he will need a companion and he thinks I can be that.

    My self worth was ruined when I saw him asking for other guys cum when I never got that. Even just now I asked if he liked it and would want to swallow again and compared to “yea babe i wanna drink ur cum” that the other guys got, I got “I was expecting not to like it but doing it made me feel I can show more affection to you. I feel expressive and am willing to do it again.” In other words, “yea I'm not aroused by you at all but I'll do it here and there after you've complained enough”

  4. I wish I was trolling but I ain't. As I said before, I should've given more context or information about the whole situation because it does sound stupid.

    I know my address, just wasn't sure about how to word it correctly so a delivery guy could understand it and I requested that favor because she knows the guy that prepares the food and I don't have his number.

  5. I don't think we can really answer this. We have no idea who this person is you might move in with or anything about them. We don't even know where you're finding them.

    I would personally try to move out with someone you know on *some* level or try to swing it by yourself. If the cost ends up being too much, you can always find a roommate over the next and do the roommate thing next time.

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