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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Pps. I take 20 mg Lexapro. My daughter takes 30 mg Father took Lexapro. I have another daughter who takes Lexapro.

  2. After reading that, I have absolutely no idea what's supposed to have happened. How can a GirlFriend hang out with HIS ex? Does it mean HER ex? Is OP male or female or gender fluid? It just makes no sense.

  3. You CAN only get your genes from your parents, although obviously they themselves got them from theirs. But your son's blood type didn't come from your mum, at least not entirely. Your mum could just as well have been A or B and your son could still be O. In your case, you're right, two parents of blood type A definitely can have a child of blood type O. But your son couldn't have been B or AB, for instance, regardless of whether one or more of his grandparents were.

  4. Yeah I remember one of my bdays, maybe my 11th idk, I got a pair of headphones. I was REALLY disappointed by this gift especially since it was the only one I got. It was also from my grandma and she was SO happy about the gift. She felt she nailed it and said that I needed them. I listened to music like 24/7 and I did need them. Buuuut… I would have gotten them even without my birthday! Let's be real, they're headphones. I can't use my walkman without them and it's not my fault I need new ones. So just like batteries, they'd understand and I'd be allowed to get new headphones anytime during the year as long as funds are available :/ it's like making a bday where you go shopping for new clothes…. But you're actually buying your back to school clothes you'd be getting either way. I had been hyping what I really wanted (an iPod touch) and I thought FOR SURE I'd be getting it. I didn't want to hurt her feelings though so I tried really nude to be happy about it. I got a job walking a dog and a paper route and I bought my own iPod touch 4th gen refurbished 😀

  5. So, he humiliated you and let you go for 2 hours to “cool off” cause you are not his priority, I don't even know in which level you are for him.

    Of course, divorce him, the guy is a meaningless clown looking for the attention of this bunch of nobodies. Set yourself free

  6. I have both been the partner of and alcoholic and am an alcoholic myself. So my advice is – either be ok with how it is now, or get out. At least until he stops drinking again. It probably wouldn’t hurt to check out Al Anon, either

  7. You have a ton more patience than I do. Would have told her ass to find a hotel. Not gonna come to my home and judge me.

  8. Your husband is trying to manipulate you into giving him a pass to cheat and to continuously take it the next level. He will come for your sister next if you give into this act. See a lawyer. When he engages in sexual activity with this couple take a pic and drop the divorce papers on his naked butt in front of them. Let your sister and close friends know to block him on everything and to not communicate with him since there is a legal dispute between you. Do not leave your home he needs to.

  9. Nope. He's not sent me anything like that since before we got together. The photo looks like it was taken in our bedroom too, but I only know the date it was deleted, not the date it was taken.

  10. Be honest with yourself about what it's going to take to put your mind at ease.

    Do you need to go through her texts when she's in the shower? Do you need to follow her? Track her location? Do you need to snoop? Does she beed to immediately cease all interaction with your former friend?

    If you find nothing, will you feel better? Will you, really? Or will you feel like she just covered her tracks really well?

    The thing about trust is that it doesn't ever bounce back. Not really. It can certainly be re-established, but it will never assume its original form. It's very delicate. Your wife has put doubt in your heart. Even if he really did just help her get a job and they've remained professionally cordial ever since, your image of her has been changed by these lies. I think that's the largest issue here, not even necessarily getting to the bottom of whatever happened/did not happen. She really fucked up with this one.

    Anyway, I second the advice of many others: listen to your gut, do not let this go. There is proof that this former friend doesn't respect others' relationships – so even if your wife isn't/hasn't done anything with him, that doesn't mean he isn't just biding time and waiting for his moment.

  11. I would kill someone over less with my daughter. Grow a spine and protect your daughter from your horrible wife.

    Maybe even consider divorce. Not sure why you thought having multiple kids with someone who fights an 11 year old girl was a good idea. Yikes

  12. I don't think that's the point OP is making. He's saying she expects him to foot the bill for everything without even offering to reciprocate with any of the expenses. She's stated to him that she's saving so much more money and yet still doesn't even offer to kick in for groceries.

    It seems like he's fine with paying for dinner or dates if he invites her out but it would be nice if she occasionally said 'I'll buy the drinks' or 'here's some money towards the groceries'.

    I've been in relationships where the guy insists on paying for most everything but I never stop taking out my wallet and offering to pay or contribute. It's called consideration.

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